Feminine Intimate Health & Hygiene with Everteen!!
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Feminine Intimate Health & Hygiene with Everteen!!

Hey All,

Feminine hygiene is one of the significant aspects of the overall health of a woman. Everteen by W&D group is India’s leading and most trusted brand in feminine intimate health & hygiene category providing 100% natural products for maintaining complete intimate hygiene. ‘Everteen’ now enjoys the largest product portfolio in feminine intimate health & hygiene with six products in the house that include Everteen Vaginal Gel, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash, Everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin, Everteen Daily Panty Liners, Everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes and Everteen Bikini Hair Remover Cream.

The survey of Gynecologists conducted by Women Health Organization laid down that, every 2nd woman suffers from one or more vaginal related problems at some point of time in her life. The Gynaecologists also revealed that 8 out of 10 woman patients visiting the OPD are found to be suffering from some kind of vaginal infection.  A large number of women suffer from such problems because they do not give the importance that intimate hygiene deserves.

One needs to understand that vaginal infection affects the quality of life of a woman. It is caused due to various factors like on the go lifestyle, tight clothing, using public toilets, sweating etc. The infections can be of various forms like vaginal irritation, itching, unnatural odor etc. The vaginal infection may even cause infertility amongst women.

Many women suffer in silence as they don’t have appropriate awareness amongst about the importance of vaginal health. As per experts, vaginal health & hygiene must be given equal priority just like oral health or hand hygiene. We pay so much attention to our face and looks by frequently visiting salons or parlors but neglect our vaginal health. Vaginal infection is on the rise and vaginal health deserves no lesser attention.

Everteen, as a responsible brand is taking this task of creating awareness to educate more & more woman about the ‘Importance of Vaginal Health’.  Everteen has products for every issue related to vaginal health.

Here are few vaginal health issues that we ladies face and the Everteen products we can use to combat the issues:

Vaginal infection- Everteen Natural Intimate Wash helps in preventing vaginal infection. It helps in maintaining vaginal pH balance and provides relief from vaginal itching, irritation, burning sensation and unnatural odor. I highly recommend all ladies to wash her vaginal area daily with Everteen natural intimate wash.


Vaginal Dryness & Vaginal Laxity: Vaginal dryness is a common problem amongst women which affects their sexual wellness.  Everteen Vaginal Gel helps in reducing vaginal dryness and revitalizes vaginal muscles by restoring the health of vaginal tissues. Post child delivery, every woman experiences vaginal laxity and Everteen vaginal gel is quite useful in improving vaginal laxity by its tightening and revitalizing effects on vaginal muscles.


Vaginal Discharge or Leaking: Everteen daily Panty Liners are useful for the protection and leakage of vaginal discharge. Everteen daily Panty Liners are made of natural cotton with antibacterial anion strip and it also controls vaginal odor.


Menstrual Period– Menstrual hygiene is an important aspect for a woman. Everteen cotton Sanitary Napkins are high quality and premium sanitary napkins for maintaining menstrual hygiene. Cotton is the most skin friendly material on earth and Everteen Sanitary Napkins are made of 100% cotton top sheet. It provides instant dryness and soft feel and contains a breathable bottom layer which allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat.


Woman on Go- These days women are no more confined to four walls of home and they are always on the move. Whether it is related to work for working woman or being socially active, woman today is highly mobile. Whether she is traveling or in the office or strolling in the shopping malls, they are forced to use public toilets which are nit hygienic enough. Sitting on a toilet sheet where somebody else was sitting just before her, create an infection pro-environment. In that case, a woman should use , to wipe her vaginal area after urination. Everteen intimate hygiene wipes are 100% natural & bio-degradable. It protects vaginal infection and relieves vaginal discomforts so that she feels fresh & clean entire day.


Bikini Line Hair Removal: Removing bikini line hair (hair around the intimate area) is a common practice. Woman do use different methods of hair removal from the intimate area like shaving or using body hair removal cream and that is not a good practice. The body hair removal cream or shaving is not meant to apply to the intimate area as these contain chemicals which can be harsh to that sensitive area. Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover is specially formulated to remove hair around intimate area. Everteen Bikini Line hair Remover is soft & gentle to skin and it effectively removes bikini line hair without any skin irritation or itching.


 It’s time to change and feel clean the entire day with Everteen.  Bid bye to all your discomforts and grab confidence!