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Foreo Luna 2

FOREO LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Device !

Hello All,

I can’t deny the fact that I have depended on Skin Care Devices in the past to upgrade my cleansing routine and to take face- washing experience to the next level. Technology has covered the field of beauty too including CTM routines with innovative facial tools like Foreo Luna 2. It began with Clarisonic and now we have everything from GUA SHA, Jade Rollers, and Micro-Needling tools that can transform plus brighten our skin. You can get the all-day glow with Foreo Luna 2.

Foreo Luna 2

I have used and reviewed on this blog facial cleansing brushes by Magnitone London and SunMay International in the past. I was excited to try Luna 2. This new version of Foreo Luna 2 is for combination skin types. Not gonna lie, Foreo is the most expensive device in my vanity! Let’s check out if it is worth the price tag. Foreo boasts LUNA 2 as revolutionary which minimizes the appearance of blemishes.

Foreo Luna 2

Foreo Luna 2 claims to deeply cleanse the skin while its anti-aging properties improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Luna 2 combines Swedish design with sonic cleansing technology [8,000 T-Sonic™ (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute ]. Foreo’s pulsating disc contains bacteria-repelling silicone nubs that lift impurities from pores like a pro without the need for aggressive scrubbing. It also clears away dead cells so as to improve the absorption of skincare products.

Foreo Luna 2 Foreo Luna 2

Luna 2 package (white cardboard box) consists of a velvet storage pouch and a USB charger along with a user manual. Luna 2 comes in 2 variants – the full-sized Luna 2 and the Foreo Mini 2. The original version of Foreo is available in Full size, Mini, and Play version.

The full-size version of Luna 2 is further color-coded into 4 categories for different skin types. Apparently, there’s a Luna 2 for every skin type. Note that the bristle configuration isn’t uniform on all devices. Black Color Foreo Luna 2 is available for men. You are free to choose the one that is tailored to your skin type.

The Foreo Luna 2 is priced at $ 152.10 (INR 23,000) and comes with a 2-year warranty.

1. Purple — Sensitive skin
2. Light Blue — Combination skin
3. Pink — Normal skin
4. Turquoise — Oily Skin

To use, one has to apply a cleanser of your choice on the face, put on this device, and move the brush side all over your face in circular motions across 4 zones – Cheeks, T-Zone, forehead, and mouth.

Foreo Luna 2

When you power the device on, you can see the light on the base of the device. The device then starts pulsating. Change in the pulsation, indicates you to switch to the next area. There is an option to manage the intensity of the pulsation with + and – sign buttons which allow you to variate between 12 intensity settings. The memory function will remember your preferences for the next time the device is used.

The Foreo Luna has two sides – cleansing side with large bristles and massage side back with grooves.

Foreo Luna 2

The Foreo Luna 2 is easy to clean since it is waterproof. The Luna 2 is travel friendly, light-weighted, portable, and extremely gentle. Foreo gives you 5-6 months of use with one battery charge cycle which is great. Pricing is expensive. You can consider this device a One-time investment to up your skincare regime.

The Foreo Luna 2 is durable and hygienic. My skin feels softer, cleaner, healthier, and toned with that glow. You can get facial like experience from the comfort of your couch with Foreo. More than a luxury self-care tool, it is a smart facial cleansing brush safe to use. The entire process of cleansing with Foreo takes not more than five minutes.

A facial brush with cleansing and anti-aging properties? Yes, please! Foreo Luna 2 is worth every penny.

FOREO launched in 2013 has successfully merged skincare with science and won many awards. Foreo specializes in cleansing devices for the face and teeth. Foreo believes that the secret to deep, Spa-level cleansing is SONIC & SILICONE. Foreo is available for Purchase at Sephora India Online Website.