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Get Detoxed by CHARGLO.!

Hello All,

Does Pollution affect the skin, is the question which I usually get from my followers? And here is my answer to it.

The world is quickly altering, our skin is under ever bigger attack from pollution and lethal rudiments in the atmosphere that it has not yet advanced enough to defuse on its own. The costs can range from crossness and early aging to tissue damage and, at its worst, cancer. Pollution is, in fact, a combination of many constituents which makes it hard to say precisely which one of the dissimilar rudiments is accountable for the skin changes we see.

Most of us use a different kind of beauty products like face masks, face washes, to protect our skin against these skin problems. I think out of 100, 81% are not satisfied with the results they get out of using them. Just a quick question, has anyone heard of the benefits of charcoal? First time I had heard this was from my grandmother, it has the power to fight against bacteria, toxins, elements, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, serving us to get a flawless appearance and protects us from acne. Charcoal has high adsorption powers.

I think it’s time to switch to some natural skin care products to protect our skin from foreign bodies. Have a look at CHARGLO’s products which are made of Bio-Activated Charcoal.

Detox Face Pack

Pulverized Bio-Activated Wood Charcoal for deep cleanse for pollutant elimination and curative clay for re-mineralizing the skin. It contains Activated Charcoal fine powder, Healing Clay (bentonite, natural river clay, fullers’ earth)

It’s easy to use face pack, just cleanse your face and mix the powder with water. Apply it to the skin and let it dry for 15-20. Wash it off and apply some moisturizer as due to its inherent detox nature skin may get dry.

Detox Body Scrub

It has almost the same ingredients like  Activated Charcoal granules, Powdered White Turmeric Root, healing river sand, Vettiver Powder. Usage for this is same as the Face pack and is advised to use a moisturizer after the scrub. It lasts for 1.5-2moths.

Teeth Whitener

It’s powder which we have to use along with our daily usage toothpaste. Just dip the toothbrush into the charcoal powder and when it’s fully covered with the black powder brush your tooth as usual. It’s NOT a daily use material, use it weekly once. As we use it once in a week it usually lasts for 2months.

It works on the concept that the activated charcoal’s pores bind with uneven parts on teeth, usually external stains and plaque, creating it easier to remove the staining materials. Once the charcoal has been given sufficient time to twig to your teeth, it can be washed and when it is done, the charcoal takes the plaque, food particles, and surface stains with it.

Detox Bath Bar

It’s a pure chemical free soap made of activated charcoal and essential oils. It may not foam, unlike other bath soaps. When I use it for the first time I felt like getting scratched, but when I used it daily found that my skin got adjusted to it and after few uses it became soft.

It’s always recommended to use chemical free soaps, as the chemicals would react with our skin and cause allergies and side effects, we may not feel it at the first use but in a long run we can expect some sort of allergies and be unaware of it causes some extreme level skin diseases.

The peril from pollution is actual and it is not receiving any improved any time soon. Skin and overall health can be sheltered by a high antioxidant diet, properly cleansed skin, and using products with components precisely verified against the most common pollutants in pollution.