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H2O+ Pina Passion Bath Gel Review !!

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H2O Plus makes purely powerful skincare products: water-based, oil-free formulas that are infused with skin-nourishing marine botanicals.

I had never tried their products but heard many good things about them.This is my first try from the brand and read if you would like to know whether to go for it or not.

Product Claim:

An exhilarating body wash that gently lathers away impurities while nourishing and moisturizing the skin with Pina Passion Essence, Vitamin E and Natural Fruit Enzymes

Fresh, lathering body cleanser Moderately removes dirt from skin Leaves no dehydrating effects of soap or harsh detergents Delivers invigorating pineapple fragrance Blended with juicy strawberry & sleek vanilla notes Leaves skin clean & pleasantly scented To use: For showering, apply onto natural sea sponge or loofah. Foam up, rinse well. For bathing, apply to running water

Gentle cleansing formula is infused a bright burst of fresh-picked pineapple accented by strawberry and vanilla.Vitamin E conditioning capsules help moisturize, repair and protect skin from environmental damage.Natural fruit enzymes revitalize skin.

BEST FOR : All Skin Type

Price: Rs 475 for 250 ml

Ingredients: Pina Passion Essence,Natural Fruit Enzymes, Vitamin E

How to use: Lather onto a sponge in the shower or add to running water in the bath.

My Take on the Product:

The product comes in a clear tube and has a sturdy cap.The bath gel itself is translucent light bright yellow in shade just like the unripe pineapples.The caps shuts tightly and there was no wastage.However I find it difficult to open and close the cap sometimes.The same product comes in smaller travel sized versions too.

The tube is decently sized and only a small amount is required per use.It will last easily for around 3 months.The texture of this product is gel type but thick and creamy in consistency.It is stickier and heavy in texture than gels.

The product has pearl kind of granules which is supposed to be Vitamin E capsules.I used this first with my hand and then with a wash cloth.The product didn’t lather much nor did the granules came in contact with the skin.It got washed away with the rest of the body wash just like that.It just sat on top of my skin.
Then I tried it with a loofah and it lathered decently.This doesn’t fall short as a bubble bath too.It does take a long time to rinse off completely and when done it leaves no soapy residue.The fragrance is delicious and yummy.I like how these tubes look cute in the shower. The transparent tube allows you to see how much product is used up.

The smell is not over powering at all and not too perfumey.It makes me feel refreshed after a tiring day.It contains fruit extracts to make the bathing experience enjoyable and relaxing one.

The smell lingers even after bath and this product cleanses the skin well without drying it.


  • Rich Lather when you use a loofah
  • Awesome Fragrance
  • Moisturising
  • Easy to use
  • Gentle and mild formula
  • Cleanses well
  • Long lasting
  • Little amount required per use
  • Tricky to layer other aromas.You have to follow up with similar moisturiser from this range.
  • Availability is an issue.You cannot find it easily everywhere
  • Bit expensive

Rating: 4/5
Recommendation: Use this in summers for a refreshing experience.It doesn’t dry out skin nor do cause any irritations.Great for dry,oily as well as sensitive skin types.Try this when you treat yourself with a home spa.
Final Word: I love using this and how yummy I smell like candy’s afterwards. Great size and quality for the price and they are high in performance similar to high end brands like Victoria’s Secrets or Bath and Body Works.