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Herbal Legend France “Le secret de Ste Hildegarde” – Instant Revitalizing Facial Boost Review !

PR Sample

Hey all,

France is a beautiful country. I want to visit this dream destination of mine atleast once. I have heard that French women are probably the most beautiful women on earth. French women know beauty and there’s something about them that makes them the absolute envy of everybody else. One of their beauty secrets is that they use intensive luxurious skin creams that are branded and natural.
One of my aims when I started this blog was to travel with beauty worldwide. I wanted to feature products from across the globe and I present you my beauty discovery from France.
HERBAL LEGEND‘s organic skincare products, heritage of the French herbalist tradition, are 100% conceived and made in France. Welcome to my review on Herbal Legend France “Le secret de Ste Hildegarde” – Instant Revitalizing Facial Boost.
Product Claim:

In French: “Le secret de Ste Hildegarde” – Instant Revitalizing Facial Boost.

Short night, hectic life, your skin is exposed to many sources of stress. Insufficient sleep impacts micro-circulation, causing swellings and drain of colour. The skin tends to produce sebum in excess, and imperfections may appear.

The exclusive and organic complex we created, after the teachings of Ste Hildegarde, combines the carefully selected properties of four plants, which address efficiently the specific needs of tired and stressed skin.

Stimulating, toning, soothing, antiseptic, our “Secret” wipes off the signs of tiredness and boosts your skin’s natural defences. Your face is fresh and glowing.

InstructionsApply in morning to clean face, eye contour and neck before your moisturising care “Beneficial Dew”. One dose of 1,25gr per application is recommended. Your bottle contains about 40 doses (1,6 Fl.Oz). Tip: for an immediate beautifying effect, apply one dose off your “Secret” to clean face, before your evening make-up.

Price: 36/60€ – Now 30/50€

My Take:

I love the standard glass jar packaging with a pump system and protective lid. The packaging is beautiful and classy. The product has an expensive feel that looks good on my vanity table. You dont have to dip your fingers in the tub.

I like the mild great smelling fragrance that is non bothersome. The scent is similar to jasmine. It is a simple protective face cream. I have sensitive skin and I always get acne. This lotion does not break me out. It works as a great makeup base. It comfortably sits over my skin. It doesn’t tends to get oily.

Its one of those face creams that doesn’t aggravate my acne. The texture is very rich and concentrated. The consistency is a bit on the watery side like a creamy lotion. It spreads easily. It glides on smoothly. My face feels soft, supple and radiant with a glow. It is revitalizing in nature and boosts the radiance.

This formulation is light weighted and doesn’t leave a greasy film. The cream keeps my skin hydrated all day long and absorbs well. Its formulated without the additives like parabens and silicones. It does not have sunscreen but I can very well layer it with a sunscreen. It has a beautifully fresh floral scent. I use it day and night and find it very beneficial. It is really soothing and relaxing. It makes me fall asleep due to its aroma, It uplifts my dull skin and wakes it up. It is so refreshing too.
  • High quality skin care ingredients 
  • Skin Looks Better
  • Promotes clear complexion
  • Penetrates and moisturizes 
  • Pleasant, light scent 
  • Not heavy or greasy
  • Sleek cute packaging
  • No irritation
  • Lasts 40 uses
  • Little goes a long way
  • Spreads and absorbs easily
  • Parabens, silicone free
  • Expensive but really worth the price
  • No SPF
Overall Thoughts:

What a fabulous product! After using this face cream for about two months, I am convinced that this is the best facial boost lotion I have ever tried. Stay tuned for the review of more products from this Brand.

About the Brand: Herbal Legend formulas are 100% natural, elaborated with concentrated organic plants extracts, and no additional water. Filled with powerful non diluted ingredients, our skincare products bathe your skin with vitality and help preserve its youth. A total of 12 different medicinal herbs and their renowned properties constitute the exceptionally rich and precious base for our ranges.
The aromas (fragrance) we use are fully natural and proved without any allergens. “Garden lime”, “autumn leaves”, “entrancing jasmine” and “cut flowers” give our ranges a comforting “cocoon” spirit. Allergens free, parabens free, silicone free, colouring free, PEG & phenoxyethanol free, our products are trusted to a specialised laboratory, which performs the dermatological tests that guaranty the best quality and tolerance.