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Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review !!

Hey All,

Our lifestyles are changing from day to day. We work in stressful environments which causes tension. Many of travel frequently and fall prey to factors like pollution. All these leads to ill effects on skin and hair. We face problems like dark circles, puffed and tired eyes, wrinkles etc. around the eye area. Eye is a sensitive part and hence an eye care product free of chemicals becomes must in our daily personal care routine. Today’s review is going to be about an under eye gel from a new brand called Herbs & More.

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review

Product Description:

It is said that eyes are the mirrors of our soul & every beautiful soul deserves beautiful eyes! Under eye dark circles and wrinkles are those initial bothering aging signs appearing on our face. Presenting the exclusive Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel that effectively & naturally reduces the ageing signs around the eyes. This herbal formulation promotes under eye blood circulation, reduces puffiness, tightens the skin instantly and thereby visibly reducing dark circles & other ageing signs. It contains Cocoa Extract, Chicory Flower Extract along with Vitamin E & C.

  • Helps to promote under eye blood circulation
  • Helps to reduce puffiness
  • Gives instant tightening results
  • Helps to reduce dark circles

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review

Price: 50 g for Rs 450

Key Ingredients:

  • Cocoa Extract: Delays the signs of ageing, keeps skin healthy and activates fat-burn.
  • Chicory Flower Extract: Visibly erases the signs of fatigue and gives anti-aging effects.
  • Vitamin E: Moisturizes skin.
  • Vitamin C: Anti-Aging & Brighter, Healthier Skin

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review

My Take on the Product:

The Herbs & More Vitamin Therapy Under Eye Gel comes in a sturdy white plastic tub. It has a green flip cap with a white disc film underneath. The packaging is leak proof and good.


I hate that I have to dip my fingers every time to take out the product but this can be avoided by using a spatula.The gel does not have any major scent to it. The product is transparent and the texture is gel like obviously. The gel has to be applied and massaged around the eyes lightly. It has a shelf life of 24 months. It has a watery consistency and spreads easily without leaving the skin sticky or oily. The gel gets absorbed quickly and leaves the eye area hydrated. You can apply it night or day. The gel does a good job in reducing dullness/tiredness.

Herbs & More Under Eye Gel Review

I think dark circles reduction needs regular and consistent use with a little patience to see any visible results. I had itchiness around the eye due to climate change and this gel really helped me to get rid off it. The gel leaves a cooling sensation around the eyes which is a bliss on hot sunny days. You need a small quantity per each use and this tub will easily last for months.

You can definitely give this product a try as it is true to its claims. This is my favourite under eye gel.

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