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Hip Hop Instant Lipstick Remover Pads Review !!

Hey All,
Most of us prefer long lasting lipsticks that remains for an entire day and at the end of the day removing them takes extra efforts especially the darker shades. This is were Hip Hop Instant Lipstick Remover Pads comes into picture.This one does a good job in getting off my lip stain.

Product Claim:

Most lipsticks are difficult to remove in the conventional way. Lips are sensitive and to remove lip colors, one needs a good quality remover which will prevent color pigmenting deep in the skin, while moisturizing, softening, exfoliating, plumping and preventing darkening of lips. HipHop ‘all natural’ ready-to-use lipstick removing pads are made from the best ingredients to help remove any kind of colour while vitaminising and making them healthier. HipHop pads are suitable for all ages and comes in an easy to use & carry pack.
Price: Rs. 100 for 30 pads
Directions For Use:

Pick one moist pad, rub gently on your lips clockwise and then anti-clockwise.  After using the pads, do not rinse, let the ingredients work at night while you sleep.

Oils of sweet almond, wheatgerm, castor, avocado, grapeseed, grapefruit, jojoba, walnut, olive, sunflower, BHT and fragrance.
Availability– Online @ Medplusbeauty.com
My Take on the Product:

HipHop Instant Lipstick Remover Pads comes in a white tub packaging with red labels. The product has a silver reflecting outer carton. The pads are highly saturated; thin, pre-moistened, round-shaped that has the goodness of Vitamin E.  The packaging is similar to the Nailpolish Remover Wipes and Makeup Remover Wipes except for the colour of the label.
The packaging is cute and travel friendly. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a protective lid inside. I believe this pack comes with a tweezer but the sample sent me didn’t have a tweezer to pick the pads.
The unique formula of these pads quickly dissolves all makeup from Lips. The lipstick comes off in just one swipe with this pad without leaving any traces behind. It will effectively remove all makeup but leaves an oily residue. The brand says there is no need to rinse but I feel comfortable only when I rinse coz I don’t like the greasiness. There is nothing bad about it as all the makeup removers are so. These pre-saturated pads allow easy application. This is very gentle on lips and doesn’t cause any irritation or burning. It is non-stinging and non-drying. It removes lip makeup effectively and keeps lips hydrated and moisturized.
These pads come very handy during travel. It has a strong berry kind of fragrance that sensitive noses won’t like but it is not so bothersome for me. Not a headache causing scent atleast for me. These pads are an innovation from Hiphop and specially formulated to get rid of waterproof and long-lasting lip make-up.
  • Removes lip makeup completely
  • Travel friendly
  • Mild
  • Easy to use
  • Handy
  • Cute Packaging
  • Affordable
  • Moisturizing 
  • Lightweight formula with conditioners and cleansers
  • Leaves an oily residue
  • Fragrance is a bit strong 


Overall Thoughts
This product is the best lip make- up remover I have ever used! I do find it a bit greasy but I am glad to wash my face right after that. It removes every last trace of lipstick gently and easily in one swipe. I recommend it highly! You won’t be disappointed! It is affordable too !!  It is also the right size to pack for traveling.