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Ilana Organics

Introducing Ilana Organics !!

Hey All,

Due to my obsession with natural beauty products, I recently discovered Ilana Organics. **Ilana Organics** products are infused with organic ingredients, love & the hope of creating sustainable environments worldwide. Ilana curates products for Skin, Hair & Body. ILANA offers a range of hand-made personal care products like scrubs, mud masks, body butter, serums etc. made from all natural organic ingredients. Ilana Organics is a Pune based brand.


I was one among the people who justify that parabens and other chemicals in your skin care can’t penetrate your skin and one need not be so concerned about all these. After researching the facts, I started to realize what we put on our skin is very important and affects our health too. Honestly, I was so happy to try these products from Ilana Organics especially because they are a homegrown brand. Thank you Ilana Organics for letting me try these. It’s time to bid bye to chemical skincare stuff and say hi to paraben-free handmade beauty products if you haven’t yet.  Ilana Organics products don’t contain any chemicals, preservatives, or synthetics, and will be ideal for sensitive skin as well.

Ilana Organics Stout Beer and Lime Shampoo BarThis shampoo bar is good for cleansing your scalp without stripping the oils. The beer acts as a conditioning agent. The shampoo bar has a healthy serving of it. You can pair it with their Mango Butter Deep Conditioning Hair Mask for best results. This combo leaves the locks lustrous and frizz-free! This protein-rich natural shampoo instantly adds shine and makes my hair soft. I absolutely love the citrus scent it gives my hair. Try this first and thank me later.


Ilana Organics Activated Charcoal Instant Detox Face MaskYou can call this a magical tub that serves as an ultimate go-to for vanquishing most skin problems. The charcoal face mask is great for drawing out impurities, removing excess oil, clearing blackheads, clogged pores, and breakouts.  It contains Kaolin Clay, Papaya, Pink Himalayan Salt, Aloe Extracts, and Maca root. To use, just make a paste by mixing it with aloe juice or water. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. (Weight: 50g)

Ilana Organics Hungry Hair Nourishing Hair Oil: This product is a proof that Old school oil treatments > All other hair treatments!  This is hands down the best hair oil I have ever tried. It has ingredients like avocado, olive, apricot, petit grain, ylang-ylang, wheat germ, neroli, petitgrain and more.  This blend deep conditions and nourishes dry traces. It works well as a 15min hot oil treatment just before a shower! My distressed hair feels de-stressed after using this oil. (Weight: 50ml) Apply a tiny amount post shampoo or before styling to tame frizz and fly-aways.

Ilana Organics Cypress and Micellar Face Soap Bar:

This bar combines the gentle power of micellar and adds nourishment to the skin due to the cypress content. This organic facial soap smells sinfully good and cleanses your skin layers deep. I feel that this face soap is a must-have, instead of the regular face washes.  Choose from a bevy of delicious soaps that make your skin soft and smooth.

All the products are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly and the owner of the brand Nikita Deshpande mentions that Plastic restricts the breathability of cold process soaps and the reason she worked on the entire range of these products was to reduce the demand for non-green products and services. The products are ideal for men & women. Ilana follows the naked packaging approach where the soaps are covered in just a thin strip of recycled paper or kora cotton that carries a label, identifying the kind of soap. Other tubs and bottles are also made of glass. The brand uses minimal plastic.

Check out their intriguing skin care products with fancy ingredients like apple cider vinegar, chamomile mint, hibiscus rose, orange grapefruit, coffee oatmeal etc. They use vegan oils and a simple saponification process with customized oil bases for different kinds of skincare/haircare properties (no palm oil, since it is a major contributor to deforestation).

Note: The products featured in this post are press samples but I choose to only review products I truly use and like. Honest Review as always.