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Iraya Grapes & Green Apple Shower Gel Review

Hiya Girls,
I am reviewing a shower gel from one of the famous natural brands out there.The shower gel smells of green apples.Guess what.
It’s Iraya Grapes & Green Apple Shower Gel. Read on to find about this product.
About Iraya:
Iraya is led by a team of dedicated professionals and is the culmination of ancient Indian knowledge and advanced international expertise. It is the realisation of years of extensive co-operation between our team of botanists, cosmetologists and Ayurveda doctors who delved deep into the ancient books to find the right synergy of herbs for every product.

Product Claim:
“Fresh juices of grapes and green apples are blended with the extracts of brahmi and mimosa to make this refreshing shower gel. It cleanses and balances the skin, and the wonderful aroma of fresh green apples helps perk up and brighten the mood, all day.”
Grape & Green Apple Body Wash
Cleanses and balances the skin
For all skin types – mimosa, sarsaparilla, juice of grapes and green apple, brahmi
Iraya Grapes & Green Apple Shower Gel is ideal for all skin types.

Price & Quantity: Rs.295 for 250 ml
Shelf Life: 2 years

My Experience:

The product comes in a transparent bottle with pump dispenser packaging. The brand new product comes in a sealed plastic wrapper.I love the pump packaging for body washes as it is really Convinient. The bottle is sturdy and one can see how much product is utilised.
The cap is not so sturdy so there are chances of leakage in case you want to carry this. The product is pale green coloured and has a gel like consistency. It lathers right. Not too less and not more. It spreads easily on skin.
It leaves no slippery feel but it leaves some stretchy sort of feel. It is very mild and gentle and hence I don’t get that squeaky clean feel.
It is not relaxing or stress bursting but I find it energising/refreshing in nature.
It has a fruity smell like apple and some other herbal constituents. The smell doesn’t linger too long.
It doesn’t dry out skin and is moisturising.It has a non-sticky or non-soapy feel. It is light weighted.
Overall, a nice body wash.
  • Hygenic & Pump packaging
  • Transparent bottle allows you to see how much product is used up
  • 2 years shelf life is good
  • Good quantity for the price
  • Right lather and consistency
  • Mild and Gentle
  • Light / Pleasant Smell
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • Hydrating and doesn’t dry out
  • Non sticky and No slippery feel

  • No squeaky clean feel
  • Smell doesn’t linger around
  • Chances of product leakage when you travel with it.

Rating: 4.1/5
Will I Repurchase? No.I will try a different flavour body wash.I already have loads of body washes to finish and it takes time.
Recommendation: I recommend this to all skin types and It works for summers as well as winters.

Final Word: A good body wash that smells of fruits and is hydrating, mild and gentle. It won’t disappoint you.The quantity you get is decent for the price and the product is long lasting. Perfect for sensitive skin and nose. Do give it a shot.
** Product sent by the brand.Honest Review

Do you like fruity smelling body washes?