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Iraya Indian Jasmine Day Cream Review

I was on the look out for a good moisturising cream with SPF which has some natural ingredients.I wanted to try Iraya products since they are natural as I was giving my skin a break from harsh chemicals.Finally got my hand on this day cream.Lets see if its a hit or miss from Iraya brand. 


Iraya’s founding company, Sadatan Laboratories, was established in 1980 as an R&D centre to study the principles of Ayurveda with a scientific, modern approach. Sadatan’s first assignment was to create a natural line of dermatological products for India and South East Asia. The products were well liked and Sadatan expanded it’s manufacturing set-up and started marketing the products globally. The range was then expanded to include not only beauty products, but also wellness products and external healthcare. Since then, Sadatan has developed over 400 beauty and health formulations. Sadatan is also manufacturing products for companies in highly evolved beauty markets such as France, Japan and Italy. As a result of these activities, we have developed tremendous confidence in the products we make and we sincerely strive to exceed world standards in quality and ingredient efficacy. We receive feedback from a wide range of consumers which helps us in making new products and refining existing formulations. Today, our brand Iraya is marketed through exclusive Spas across the world. Combining the best of learning and research acquired for over 25 years.

Product Claim and Description:

  • Protects, enhances the texture and appearance of skin.
  • For all skin types

With Indian jasmine, wheatgerm, aloevera and basil to nourish and pamper the skin, this aromatic day cream is perfect for all skin types. It also protects the skin from sun damage. Regular use helps the complexion look healthy and glowing, all day.

Usage: Massage into face and neck, with smooth upward movements. Best to use after cleansing and toning. Can be used to soothe skin after exposure to the sun.

Ingredients: Indian jasmine, wheatgerm, aloevera and basil

Price: Rs 445 for 50 g

Buy Here: http://www.iraya.in/product_info.php/indian-jasmine-day-cream-p-52

My Experience:

Packaging: The product comes in a medium sized glass jar with a silver coloured metallic screw cap which is not even at the edges and there are chances of hurting the hand. But it comes with a protective sponge like sheet inside the metallic cap so as far as we don’t remove it is better.

On a whole the packaging looks cute but it might not be travel friendly as it is made of glass. But the glass is a thicker one so there is less chances of breakage.

The cream is pale white in colour.

The cream has a thick texture. It has a strange floral smell like that of wild jasmines which is not so pleasant as well as not so unpleasant. When applied the cream gets absorbed into the skin after rubbing 2-3 times. It does moisturise well but makes my skin feel greasier as I have oily skin and clogs the pores. A small quantity goes a long way.


  • Natural ingredients like wheatgerm, aloevera and basil.
  • SPF 15
  • Small quantity is enough per use
  • Moisturises well
  • Good for daily use


  • Tub packaging can be unhygienic if you don’t use a spatula
  • Glass packaging is not travel friendly 
  • Makes skin greasy
  • Cream is thick and it takes time to penetrate into the skin

RATING: 3.8/5

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend it to dry skinned beauties. It would be of great help for healing dry and chapped skin as it contains natural ingredients and essential oils.


FINAL VERDICT: My face is oily so it didn’t work for my face. My hands are dry and chapped with some allergies. I tried it on my hands and it worked. It would be perfect for use in winters but it won’t suit oily skinned people in summers and those who stay in hot areas.

BUY OR BYE: Buy if you have normal to dry skin and Bye if you have oily, sensitive or combination skin.

Have you tried any Iraya Products