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Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

Hello All,

JUNAILI, the Himalayan apothecary is an oil -precisely located in Nainital, India. I have always expressed my love for products that are made with all natural ingredients. I review many Organic Brands on my blog.

The brand Junaili, based in Uttarakhand, cold-press their Apricot Oil at 7000 ft in the Kumaon Himalayas. Junaili oils and scrubs are made in small batches to maintain high quality and freshness.

Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

I am reviewing Junaili Apricot Body Scrub today. They also have Junaili Apricot Body Oil in their product line.

Description: “Made in the Himalayas from the Finest Apricots. This Gentle Exfoliating Scrub is 100% Pure & Chemical Free. Suitable for All Skin Types”.

How To Use: For Best Results, Combine Scrub with Water or Milk.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Scrub

Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

Price: INR 250

Net Weight: 125 grams

Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

My Take:

Junaili products are made from plant-based sources. As a result, they are safe to use and do not contain any chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrance. The Junaili Apricot Scrub comes packaged in a plastic jar with a metallic golden screw lid. The jar is sturdy and spillproof. The packaging is simple. The labels are handwritten and enhanced in the computer.

The scrub comes in a powder form. I apply a tablespoon of the product by mixing it with plain water. You can use rose water or milk as per your liking. I am very lazy. I use this in my shower. Apply gently, in circular motions to damp skin for best results. My skin feels soft and supple after every use. The scrub doesn’t dry out skin. The scrub particles are finely milled with the right amount of coarseness. The scrub doesn’t irritate my skin.

Junaili Apricot Body Scrub! Junaili Apricot Body Scrub!

Junaili Apricot Scrub exfoliates away all the flakiness and dullness. It removes all dirt, impurities and mild tan effectively. You have to store this scrub away from moisture. Also, I haven’t tried this on my face as my face is sensitive and acne prone. The ingredients are natural and there’s no artificial fragrance added to it. Hence, the fragrance isn’t interesting but not pungent or unbearable of course.

The brand manufactures only two products, as of now, but I bet you they are worth trying. The price tag is quite affordable! Visit Junaili website here to order! The Apricot Body Scrub is a great product from Junaili. It acts as a body polisher.

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