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Keeping track of my golden ideas with MatrikaS Paper Products!

PR Sample

Hello Sweeties,
Well I think I should begin with Hello Stationery Lovers.
I am addicted to stationery and I am more of a well-planned person. I have this hobby of collecting cute stationery and I am so much in love with my stationery items.I am a strong believer of this quote but I don’t know who said this – “Books aren’t made of pages and words, they are made of hopes, dreams or possibilities”. I know how much this quote holds true in life (atleast for me).
I am such a sucker for cute books and I am rather obsessed with them. It slowly became an addiction. I am just popping in this night to show you a few stationery items that I received from the Brand MatrikaS Paper Products.
Being in a technological era where digital mediums play a vital role, we tend to forget our best friends – books. The Amazon Kindle, The Mobile apps like Ever Note, E-books all gives a feeling that there is something that I am missing in my experience and encounter with them. The magic of the additive smell of new books, the pressed rose flower petals that I used to squeeze into the pages to savour the aroma later and the peacock feathers that I used to keep as a sign of good omen is all found to be missing. These books from MatrikaS just brought back my wonderful memories from the childhood. Being a banker, I hardly write these days apart from the Cheques and Challans. I just realized it’s been a long time since I stopped writing (I mean notes, essays and stories).

With our complex brain, Ideas just pop into my mind anytime even while sleeping. There comes a need to organize these cranky mad thoughts into text because there are so many things that come to the mind at a time, you will be in the middle of doing something and suddenly you lose spark, forget things and can’t go back.
There are end numbers of system to keep a track of everything like planners, to do lists, dairies, notebooks, journals etc. Different ideas fall into different categories and when I am overloaded with family on one side with personal matters career on other side and my passion of blogging in between, it really becomes too much to handle.Many people ask me – How do you manage everything together?  My answer is “The best thing is to pen down everything neatly”. Why because it opens up my mind and helps me to get to know what I was thinking some time back. I can come back in future and check my stack of ideas and it results in productivity.
With three books from MatrikaS, let us see more details about the Brand,the books and how I use them to organize myself. Planning ahead, Getting organized in life and keeping track of my golden ideas with MatrikaS Paper Products! Let me scribble my heart away!
*About MatrikaS:

The name MatrikaS derives from the Sanskrit word for “MOTHER”, denoting the powerful energies.

In donning this name, we take inspiration from the creative energies aiding in the process of ideation, innovation and expression. Validating the name through attributes, our range of Paper Products presents you with the premium space to stimulate your mind and unleash your creative best. Our range includes exquisitely designed and finished Diaries , Notebooks, Journals , Office stationery and Social stationery, Products that you would love as much to just hold on to as to flaunt.

We also undertake customized Pre-press, Printing, Print finishing and Bindery services. We take pride in directing our creativity towards building custom niches for others to be creative in!

MatrikaS refreshing range of products includes Notebooks, Journals, Diaries and high quality book making services. Srinivas Group, to have a better edge in market formed SFA print (P) Ltd. in 2011-2012. The Srinivas Group also led the famous brand “Nightingale” which manufactured Dairies. The MatrikaS belongs to SFAPPL of the Srinivas Group.
My Take on the Products:


The features of this product are as below:
  • Special Pleasing Colour Cover Material
  • Debossed / Foil Stamped
  • Hard Bound
  • Satin Page Marker
  • Creative Single Colour Inner on Natural Shade Paper
  • Pouch on Back Cover
  • Elastic for Safe Locking
  • Available in different colours


Size – A5 – 147 X 205 MM
No. of Pages – 256
Product Code – CW-P-JRNL-A5-GREEN
Price – Rs 360 per piece
This product is aimed at business professionals. These Cube Works Privy book comes under office stationery. It comes in bright yet muted shades that gives a professional look.The book is basic with subtle design. I like the simple minimalist design and the good number of features. It is pocket sized and hence travel friendly. I like how the pages look with its smooth non bleeding finish. There is an extra space for personal memorandum, books to be read, places to be visited and expenses. It also has an additional yearly planner at the back. I love the hardbound leather sort of finish to the cover and the elastic fastening. It also has a bookmark. I love the internal expandable pocket. It is easy to use and very practical.
I use this to organise my career related schedules, meetings and appointments, my goals and the tasks that needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. I also jot down the things that need to be followed up. I also maintain a list of important phone numbers and email ids.

2) Five Subject Notebook:

  • Hard Bound
  • Round Back
  • UV Coated / Foil Stamped
  • Colour Dividers
  • Ruled


Size- A5 – 147 X 205 MM
No. of Pages – 400
Product Code -5SUB-A5-C
Price: Rs 170
This notebook is perfect for school and college students. This book is best suited for educational purposes. The cover design is very artistic. It has an attractive look and it will be catchy to anyone for whom the colour and design of the book is an important criteria for selection. It is fun, flirty and yet functional. It also eliminates the need to carry so many notebooks. You can carry this as your favourite one wherever you go. Also, it doesn’t feel heavy in the bag.
I use this to make notes of my personal life.  I do random doodling, make notes of things I learn, keep track of diet, reminders, weight loss, beauty routines and travel.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Special Velvet Feel Cover
  • Hard Bound
  • Special Effect / Foil Stamped
  • Satin Page Marker
  • Creative 2 Colour Inner with Quotes by the Personality


Size – STD – 172 X 240 MM
No. of Pages -224
Price: Rs 215

With this journal around, there is absolutely no cluttering and confusion. I use this for my blogging related things. Everything is available in this journal and the design is very inspiring and innovative. It reminds me of all the sponsors, advertorial dates, post related ideas and the couriers I have to receive. It has quotes of Mother Teresa in every page. It has a section for quick notes in the footer. It has an informative biography of Mother Teresa. It has a monthly planner, yearly planner and reminder section. It has personal memorandum, works to be accomplished, books to be read, places to be visited sections. I maintain my to do blogging list here. Overall, this journal is very handy.
Overall Thoughts:
MatrikaS offer a variety of paper products with a clear range to suit every need with their dairies, notebooks and journals. I love that these books are spacious, made of excellent quality paper and affordable. They don’t get spoiled easily even when I carry this in my bag every day. The layout of the book is proper and the design is quirky.
There are no fixed dates so there is no need to throw it after the New Year. MatrikaS is indeed a stationery heaven and these books make me stare at them for so long that I get drifted away with imagination and memories.
MatrikaS offer high quality paper products with innovative designs. They also engage well with their consumers. Why don’t you try some products from them? Head over to http://www.matrikas.co.in/  if you are interested.

Disclaimer: I received these products free of cost in exchange for a honest review. This post is a part of Blogger Outreach in association with MatrikaS. The images and the ideas used here belong to I Am Girly Blog. Thank You Team Matrikas for sending these products.