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Khadi Orange Peel and Tulsi Herbal Skin Toner Review!

PR Sample

Hello Dolls,
Do you follow a CTM routine? After cleansing your face, toning is the next vital step for proper skin care. A toner is used to close up pores after cleaning from deep within the skin’s layers. Regular use of a toner makes skin more taut and young looking.I have more than 10 toners in my beauty kit. Khadi has a range of toners and I am currently using their Orange Peel and Tulsi Skin Toner sent by The Khadi Shop Online Store. 
I have always been a fan of toners due to my acne prone skin. I wanted to find a herbal non alcoholic based toner and I thought trying one from Khadi. Shall we move to Khadi Orange Peel and Tulsi Skin Toner Review?
Product Claim:

Tackle summer’s heat with the cooling combo of orange peel and tulsi that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and balanced. This toner is ideal for combination to oily skin and skin prone to breaking out. 

Orange Peel, Neem, Tulsi Leaves, Acacia Catches, Pomegranate, Carbopol, Parabens.
Price: Rs 99 for 110 ml
Best Before: 2 Years from Date of Manufacture
Directions for Use:

Apply to the face after using a face wash or face scrub with clean and dry fingers. Alternatively, use a cotton ball and lightly apply all over the face. Use everyday for best results.
My Take:

The rose water comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black tip top cap. The packaging is simple and nothing fancy. The packaging could have been improved. It is handmade and economical for the price so no complaints. It is travel friendly. The packaging is fragile and if you drop it might break.
Khadi has a uniform packaging and all the products comes in a similar form. You can differentiate them via the colours. This toner looks orange in bottle. You can also see how much quantity is left.
I prefer toners in a spray can. Usually toners come in a liquid form. I was confused when I got this coz it is in gel form. I don’t know if it really comes in gel form or it has solidified due to the climatic condition.
The consistency is gel kind. It spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly. It leaves no sticky feeling. The toner doesn’t have any artificial scent. This products smells pleasant with its citrusy notes. It is soothing and cooling on skin. It made me feel so refreshed. 
The toner is multi tasking product. It can be used as a toner, moisturiser, face pack, massage cream, makeup setting base etc. I used this after threading and waxing. It got rid of the redness.
I can see a slight brightening effect on my face. But it’s temporary. It didn’t break me out and relaxed my skin. The acne got less wild. It makes my skin soft and supple and also gives me a temporary tight feeling. It also keeps my face hydrated. It dries quickly when I allow it to dry under fan for a minute.It also removes all dirt and doesn’t sting.
  • Cooling effect 
  • Removes dirt 
  • Does not sting
  • No alcohol content
  • Contains orange and tulsi
  • Affordable
  • Decent quantity
  • Refreshing
  • Multi Tasking
  • Skin friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • No stickiness
  • No breakouts
  • Travel friendly
  • Poor Packaging
  • Parabens
  • Temporary results
  • Doesn’t shrink pores permanently
Overall Thoughts:

I would say this product is nice and suitable for all skin types (especially oily and acne prone) and is definitely worth a try. It does not dry out the skin. It is reasonably priced.A must have for the summer. It does what a toner should do well. I love how refreshing it is. It is also a great multi tasker. To sum up it is an simple, efficient toner for the price tag.