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Lass Naturals Glow Pack Facial Therapy Review !!

PR Sample

The biggest con when you travel everyday or spend time outside is that your face attracts dust,dirt and oil.Slowly, our skin tends to become dull.While they are various DIY remedies, due to lack of time we prefer packaged ones most of the times. It just gets better when you know its natural and safe.
I tried my first product from Lass Naturals which is the chocolate honey lip balm and I liked it. Now I am gonna talk about the second product from Lass Naturals which is the glow pack facial therapy that has impressed me.

Product Claim:

Lass glow face pack is a powerful face pack that smooth and soften your skin. The ayurvedic formula helps absorb excess sebum, detoxifies skin and gives an instant glow.The best part about Lass products is that they are authentically natural without any harmful chemicals
Contains herbal extracts that tend to change colour & fragrance over time but the product effectiveness remains unchanged. A hypo allergic ayurveda product
Price: Rs 110 for 100 g
Shelf Life: 30 months

Availability : www.lassnaturals.com/


Rose Water (Rosa Damascena), Kaolin Light, China Clay (Fullers Earth), Talc (Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide), Veg. Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Bentonite Powder, Veegum Ultra, Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), Indian Madder (Rubia Cordifolia), Avocado Extract (Persea Gratissima), Potassium Sorbate, Sandalwood Oil (Santalum Album), Cosmedia ATC, Saffron (Crocus Sativus).
Clean the face and neck area thoroughly. Apply all over face and neck avoiding eyes. Allow to dry. Wash off preferably with milk (for dry skin) or with LASS Rose Water (for normal / oily skin).
My Take on the Product:

The product comes in an ordinary simple cream shaded squeeze tube with sandalwood image and a transparent plastic flip cap.
The packaging though not so appealing is travel friendly. But the tube is little big to carry around.
The product is a thick cream with a white base and yellowish tint. The texture is thick and concentrated. The consistency is like thick cream or mask. It is a bit tricky to spread this evenly. To overcome this, you can add few drops of essential oil,rosewater or anything similar that you like. The diluted pack is much easier to apply.
I use this pack on cleansed skin and keep it for 15-20 min. It dries in 10 to 15 mins like multani packs. I have open pores and I like the tightening effect this pack gives. It removes excess oil and doesn’t leave my skin dry.
I wash it off with a facial cleansing brush or washcloth. It is bit difficult to get rid of the product but it comes off easily when you remove by massaging in circular motion or by using a loofah.
The smell of the product is like sandal wood. It is a bit heavy smell but pleasant one.It may bother sensitive noses.
Once you remove the pack, you can see a glow on your face.It looks healthy,supple,clear and bright. It is true to its claims. The glow lasts for 2 to 3 days and you can use this like at home facial before any special occasions. It helps to lighten acne scars. Its more like an ubtan. It doesn’t sting my skin or give any irritations.

  • Natural
  • Travel friendly
  • Affordable
  • Glow lasts 2 to 3 days
  • Tightening on skin
  • Makes skin soft and healthy
  • Paraben free
  • No irritations
  • Doesn’t dry out or sting
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Suits all skin types

  • Availability offline
  • A bit difficult to spread and remove as it is very thick
  • Difficult to squeeze the product out as it is thick

Rating: 4.8/5
Recommendation: Highly recommended for all skin types. Dry skin can follow up with a moisturizer. You can use it for special events and to give your dull skin a special glow.

Final Word: The face pack gives good results. It is hydrating and rejuvenating. It doesn’t dry up skin and is very economical. It is free of parabens and you cant except anything more for the price. You get a decent quantity that goes a long way.