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Linziclip Claw Hairclips Review!

PR Sample

I always use traditional hair claws and I have one clinged to my handbag. I have these clips lying everywhere. I carry an extra pair too. The reason is that my hair is extremely dry, unruly and frizzy. It is very difficult to style my hair. If  wind blows , my hair gets tossed upside down and I end up with a wild look like having come out of a jungle. I use these clips to hold my hair up. The clips had a problem. Whenever I get sleepy in train, I move behind only to realise that my hairclip has broken. I found them very uncomfortable, as they  scratch and dig into the scalp. Moreover It didn’t hold the hair intact and became loose. I experienced hairfall due to frequent pulling and tugging. Linziclip came to my rescue. 
Let’s see the review of Linziclip, the revolutionary hairclip and what makes it different from the traditional hair clips. The Linziclip is a radical new hair clip which is both more effective in gripping the hair and also more aesthetically pleasing.

*About Linziclip:
After meeting at a party and realising that they had a meeting of minds, Shelley-Anne Salisbury and Lindsey Walker joined forces and set up Linshell.

Following a ‘eureka’ moment while they were trying to pin back their hair with a butterfly clip, they set about completely re-inventing this traditional clamp or claw clip which is worn by almost everyone with long hair. From a Blue Peter beginning of experimenting with the inside of a toilet roll that they sprayed silver and which amazingly enough was accepted when they presented the concept to buyers, the Linziclip® was born.

Lindsey and Shelley were quick to spot the opportunities for the Linziclip’s other unique feature, the‘blank canvas’ of its cylindrical shape. In a versatile range of colours with seasonal limited edition shades, this area can also accommodate a wide range of designs, patterns or logos, thus opening up enormous new branding opportunities.The Linziclip® is now taking the world by storm and is selling in 17 countries worldwide. In addition the Linziclip® is patented in over 50 countries, supported by global patent insurance.

Product Claim:
The Linziclip® is a revolutionary new hair clip which thanks to its patented advanced gripping mechanism and two spring device, camouflages the inner workings of the old style claw clip whilst gripping the hair better than ever before. And the springs are hidden.

Invented for versatility, looks and comfort with its unique cylindrical shape, the Linziclip® has taken the world by storm and is selling around the world.
Linziclip® is available in 3 sizes, maxi, midi and mini.
My Take:
The Linziclip is the ‘ultimate claw clip’ for creating different hair styles and looks. The clips are available in 3 sizes, mini (1.75cm length), midi (3.5cm length) and maxi (8cm length). They also come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Linziclip is true to its claims. The clip is comfortable to wear. It has a flat back with no part of the clip sticking out. You can sit back and enjoy. It does stay in place without budging. You experience no pulling or tugging.

It is very easy to use. It suits thick hair as its mouth opens pretty wide. Pop a clip into your purse , pull it out when you need, Do a hair updo by scooping up and secure the clip on! No gymnastics!
You need to press the sides of the clips and place it to the section of your hair. Its easy right.These clips function similar to claw clips.

The clip securely holds my hair in whatever be the style. It is very comfortable and user friendly. The best part is that it doesn’t hurt I lean back on a seat.
Coming to the build these clips have hidden springs, a flat back for comfort with a sleek cylinder exterior. The hinges are placed neatly on the sides, for a cleaner look.

Linziclips can be used for ponytails, plaids, braids, updo’s, half-up/half-down styles, free hair etc. It suits every occasion. These fabulous little accessories are the creation of Shelley-Anne Salisbury and Lindsey Walker jointly and they set up Linshell Group.

The product comes with  instructions for use on its back. I received black and tortoiseshell which are plain and  perfect for work. The Linziclip comes in a variety of designs and finishes, ranging from metallic to glitter and diamante. There are designs that suit even brides on wedding days. These clips are used by many celebrities.

The clips are sturdy and durable. I dropped it twice but no damage occurred. If it was an ordinary clip, it would have lost atleast a teeth.

  • Hidden Springs that ensures no pulling and tugging of hair
  • Superior comfort
  • Secure hold all day long
  • Flat back that allows you to lean back
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable Price
  • Plenty of designs and patterns
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Nil
Overall Thoughts:
Nothing can beat Linziclips over the traditional butterfly claw hairclips. The price ranges from $ 3.99 to $5.99. The clips are affordable.
I am really hooked to it. It is sold in over 16 countries and even used by celebrities. Try one for yourself and feel the difference.

Thanks to Linziclip Team for giving me a chance to try this wonderful creation!