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L’Oreal Paris Super Liner 24 Hr Waterproof Gel Eye Liner


You know how much I love gel liners.After the love affair with the Oriflame Studio Artist Gel Liner, I became greedy for more gel based liners.I tried MUA but I was not so satisfied with its performance.Also it got dried up.

I wanted to try Maybelline one but something held me back. I was drooling over the Bobbi Brown ones but there isn’t a store in my place.

Finally I ended up picking this L’Oreal Paris one and I am happy with my decision.Read on if you would like to know the reasons.

A long-lasting waterproof eyeliner with an intense and bold colour result. The high-precision brush makes application easy and creates a perfectly smooth line. An ultra-quick drying effect creates a smudge-free, dramatic look that lasts up to 24 hours.

Easy application, long lasting result:

– Professionaly inspired brush

– Glide-on gel texture

PRICE: Rs 865 for 2.8 g


VARIANTS: Black and Brown


  • Dip your brush into the pot to get the right required amount.
  • Wipe off excess in a tissue or cloth.
  • Use a high precision brush like a pencil to draw the line along your lash line.
The product comes in a compact transparent glass pot with a black screw lid.The packaging is classy.It comes with a complimentary brush and has a golden outer carton with all details.The packaging is similar to the classic gel liners.
It is travel friendly and sturdy.I dont think the glass will break but you have to be careful to close it properly and do not drop it.
The consistency is very creamy and buttery and it glides with no extra efforts.The texture is soft and smooth.The pigmentation is intense and the color payoff is good.It lasts upto 8 hours.

You need only a small amount per use and the product will last for about 3 months.This takes more time to dry and you have to set it to avoid the mess.It will settle in crease if not fully dried.

Once set it is smudge-proof and doesn’t flake.

I dont find this fully waterproof.It is water resistant but I found the intensity diminishing as it gets in touch with water.It is sweat and tear proof.
This is opthalmically tested and it didn’t sting my eyes and didn’t irritate at all.I find this safe to use.

The brush is little longer and is not an angular one.It does its job decently and is of good quality.

You really need patience while applying this else you will not get even or precise lines.One stroke gives you an opaque glossy finish.

Totally worth the penny.



  • Waterproof and Smudge-proof 
  • Intense Colour Results 
  • High Precision Applicator Brush 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Quick Drying Formula 
  • Resists Sweat and Tears 


  • Not completely waterproof
  • Only 2 shades
  • Has parabens
  • Expensive for the quantity
  • Not matte
  • If you dont wash the brush after every use the material hardens on it and the brush becomes rough.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are a lover of glossy finishes and gel liner combo then this liner is for you.It will give you intense black color payoff but its a bit pricey.

WILL I REPURCHASENo because this will last quite long.

RATING: 4.5/5

FINAL WORDGo for this one as it is far better than the Maybelline and MUA ones.Matte lovers will have to stay away from this.Do buy a good eye liner brush for better results.