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LUSH Fresh Farmacy

Hello my beautiful Girlies. Today I am doing a review of Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser.
I visited lush store last time I went shopping.

So this was the first LUSH product I ever bought from there and after using it for a couple days I was absolutely amazed! I got this after the Lush lady recommended this to my oily skin along with their shampoo bar for hair fall.

The staffs at the store are very friendly and they even showed me some live demos.

Rs. 559 for 0.088 kg
Shelf life:
4 months
Packed on 06.03.2013 and best before 04.07.2013
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calamine and Chamomile


Calamine powder, Chamomile decoction, Elderflower decoction, Rape seed oil,Propylene Glycol,Coconut oil,Glycerin, Lavender oil, Chamomile blue oil, Tea tree oil, Rose absolute, Sodium Chloride, Limonene, Linalool, Perfume, Water.

Product description:
Solve your skin’s persistent problems with our calamine and chamomile bar.makes cleansing a pleasure.
How To Use:
Start by moistening your face and the cleansing bar with water. Rub the bar in your hands to create a lather. Apply to your face in a gentle, circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat dry. For best results follow with the LUSH toner and moisturizer that best suit your skin type.
Use the LUSH Fresh Farmacy facial soap 2x a day and rinse with warm water for Best results. 
My experience:
The product comes in a soap like bar form and they wrap it individually with almost no packaging and a  lush label. The product itself is  dull light pink in colour.
The smell is heavenly. It leaves a squeeky clean feel.  I do follow up with a moisturizer to prevent drying. It has got a slight herbal smell. It really lathers well on the face without using loads of product. It is also gentle enough.

I had mine cut into smaller pieces at the store so that I can keep them fresh and prevent them from melting.
  • It helped me in calming and soothing the skin
  • Reduced acne and zits to a great extent
  • Reduces redness and blemish marks
  • Heavenly scent not overpowering
  • 100% cruelty-free!
  • Long shelf life of upto four months
  • Great quality! High performer
  • Natural ingredients

  • It melts so fast! Softens and creates a mess if left in humid place.
  • It may not suit dry skinned beauties.it dries up the skin and makes it feel tighter
  • I consider it unhygienic as I have to touch the bar with my fingers every time. I don’t really like the bar form.(I am using it along with my Facial scrubber)
  • Some people may think it as too pricey
  • Can only be bought at Lush stores or ordered online.
  • Packaging could have been better
FINAL VERDICT: I am very happy with this product. It’s now got me hooked on all things LUSH! it has become my HG cleanser. If you haven’t already tried this you need to!!! 
Will I Repurchase:  such an awesome product! Will continue to repurchase.

What’s your favorite LUSH product? check out www.lushindia.com/

Do share. I am definitely gonna try other LUSH stuffs <3