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MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil Review !

PR Sample

Hey All,

I hate applying hair oils coz I find the entire process so messy. I hate the greasiness and stickiness it leaves. The only oil I have liked so far is The Body Shop Rain-forest Coconut Hair Oil. Now there is a new addition to my hair oil love list. It is MABH hair oil. MABH is Makeup and Beauty Home, a Blog by Lancy CV. Lancy is a 19 year old girl from Chennai. I know Lancy has a long beautiful hair and many people envy her hair. She has shared her hair story and hair secrets on her blog. She recently started this new venture of selling her miraculous hair oil and she kindly sent me this hair oil for consideration. Thank You Lancy. The hair oil has got many positive feedback from buyers worldwide and in this post lets see my judgement about this MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil.

*Product Claim:

MABH hair oil  is made of pure natural herbs, nourishing base oils and essential oils at home in a very hygienic way. A single bottle will last for more than month if used as instructed as it spreads evenly.
This product does not contain silicone, paraben, colorant or any other harmful chemical. It is 100% vegan, homemade and purely herbal. We don’t even add any kind of preservative to it and and that is why the shelf life of the product is only 6 months whereas other branded oils come with years life tag. There will be no side effects on usage and we guarantee it! Till today, we haven’t received a single negative feedback about our product which you can refer online!
* The Brand Says:
Shipping is totally free anywhere inside India. We do not charge extra than the actual price.Payment can be made through netbanking, credit card, debit card or direct bank transfer.If you are outside India, you can place your order from Craftsvilla. (Indian buyers kindly purchase through our official site to avoid extra shipping charges!)
You shall receive the product at your door step after you place your order. We usually dispatch on the same day or the next day we confirm the payment. You will be provided with the tracking details once your order gets dispatched.You can also contact us here (preferably whatsapp) for queries/doubts +919043857295 (10 AM to 8 PM)
Don’t forget to Visit MABH on Facebook – www.facebook.com/mabhoil
Availability:  MABH official Site and Craftsvilla
Price: Rs 400 for 100 ml
IngredientsList Not mentioned
My Take on the Product:

Let me begin with my hair type.I have a thin hair that is wavy. My scalp gets oily but my ends are dry. My hair is damaged due to the colouring and heat styling. I have fine soft hair but since my ends are dry it is prone to breakage soon and very brittle. Needless to say, I battle with frizz almost everyday. I experience lot of hair breakage than hairfall. My hair is of medium length.
This hair oil landed at the right time when I was struggling with my hair. The hair oil comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a green cap. The labels are also green. Before it was yellow and now the packaging is improvised and is sturdy. The packaging is simple and travel friendly. It came intact without any leakage or breakage. You can see how much product is left. The opening/nozzle pours out the right amount of product and the oil comes out easily.
The oil is dark green in colour owing to the fact that its ingredients contain miracle oils/herbs. The oil is free from chemicals and is completely natural and safe to use. It is hand crafted with love by the MABH Team so that you can trust this one blindly.

The consistency and texture is similar to the regular hair oils. The oil spreads evenly if you apply it in a right way so a little goes a long way and one bottle will last more than a month. The oil is very light weighted, spreads quickly and doesn’t weigh down my hair. It is not so sticky and greasy and doesn’t make my face oily.It is absorbed quickly and it penetrates deeper into the scalp when you massage.
This has been a saviour to my thin curly shoulder length colour-treated damaged dry hair! I’ve used at least a dozen other Brand’s oils namely Indulekha Bringa, Dhatri, Dabur Vatika, Parachute, Dove etc and this MABH one is fantastic and by far my favourite. It leaves an amazing feel like nothing is coating the hair strand. It has a pleasant herbal smell ( No strong headache causing scent). It makes my hair feel soft and smooth . Also, since the time I started using this oil, I feel that my hair doesn’t tangle as much anymore, which is a huge plus. 
I pour 4 to 5 table spoons in a tiny steel spatula, I heat it in the candle for a minute and I dip fingertips into oil to check the heat and then massage into scalp in a way my  hair is entirely soaked in the oil. I put on a cloth/towel wrap ( towel dipped in warm water) to steam my hair and leave it on for 2-3 hours, depending on how much time I get. Then shampoo it with Himalaya Herbals Anti Hairfall Shampoo and no additional conditioner. During the initial days of use, I saw hair strands in the sink after wash, but as time flew by “hair breakage” became less. I use this hair oil two times a week.
You can use this as a pre-wash oiling so you will only need a tiny amount as with most oils, that way it won’t make scalp/hair greasy. For “deep conditioning” you can follow the steps I mentioned above or you can leave it overnight by putting the hair up in a high bun and cover it with a scarf so that the oil doesn’t transfer. It keeps my hair healthy, easy to comb and shiny plus it lasts more than a month. Isn’t it worth every penny.
  • Made my hair feel more nourished
  • Intensified my hair revival or regeneration. The strands look healthy
  • Doesn’t leave my hair feeling or looking damn oily 
  • Only a small amount of the product is needed
  • My hair finds it easy to absorb
  • I like the bottle because it’s easy to travel with
  • There’s no mess if it falls. If we have to make our own hair oil at home it takes extra efforts, time, mess and you need to get hold of the ingredients which is pricey at times. This oil makes it easy for me as it is ready to use and comes with the same goodness. Saves my time as well
  • Loaded with natural herbs and is safe to use
  • Effective and true to its claims
  • Easy to squeeze out the amount I need
  • No chemicals,parabens,mineral oils or silicones
  • Made my scalp less itchy
  • Expensive, yes. But it’s worth it!
  • Ingredients not mentioned
Overall Thoughts:

I would recommend this product for everyone. FINALLY my HG Hair Oil! Out of all the hair oil’s I have tried, this is by far the best one. I have medium wavy hair that is color processed and mild heat damaged. I got instant and noticeable results. Does not leave a greasy coating on forehead or face. The scent is not overpowering.Having seen positive results, I don’t mind paying for this product one bit!! On the bright side, it doesn’t contain  unnecessary mineral oils,chemicals, parabens or silicones. I love this hair oil and I rate it 5/5.

Disclaimer – Portions marked * are taken from the website