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Menstruheat by PSLove Review !

Hey All,

All ladies face a recurring problem every month due to the battle against menstrual cramps. We suffer from backaches and mood swings during those 3-5 days.Traditionally, we used hot water bags to ease the pain. Today, our lifestyles have changed and the present situation demands self-heating patches for instant relief and convenient use on the go. Introducing Menstruheat – a natural solution to menstrual cramps so that females do not need to rely on pills.


MenstruHeat is a product by PSLOVE, made in Singapore.

  • No Side Effects
  • Uses 100% heat, contains ZERO medication & is safe to use whenever needed
  • Soothes Pain
  • Clinically proven method to reduce menstrual cramping and discomfort
  • Super Convenient
  • Peel and paste. MenstruHeat heats up own its own within minutes
  • Long Lasting

Lasts up to 12 hours long for all day comfort at work or in school. Menstruheat stands out with its optimized temperature so that you get maximum relief that is effective for menstrual pain.

Menstruheat Menstruheat

How to Use :

Menstruheat provides 3 Heat Levels:

For Most Heat apply Menstruheat directly onto the skin. Body heat will speed up the heating process of the patch. Remove if the pack gets too hot. If you have sensitive skin, do not use this method. This way is most effective if you’re feeling extreme discomfort or pain.

For Medium Heat apply the patch underneath your underwear. Moderate heat gets generated but still it is effective.The adhesive side does not touch skin, your underwear layer will reduce heat conducted to your skin.

For Least Heat apply the Adhesive side to stick onto the top of shirt or clothes. Cotton side (less heat) will contact body.

My Take on Menstruheat :

MenstruHeat is a heat therapy patch. It is Self-adhesive and 100% natural. It provides immediate relief from abdomen discomfort and menstrual cramps. The patches are odorless with no medication.

The moment you open up the pack, Menstruheat will start to heat up as it’s exposed to the air. Please note that it will take about 4-5 mins before it starts heating up. Menstruheat pack is super handy. It’s non-invasive and does not cause any side effects or drowsiness! These are Air-activated packs and does not require additional heating or shaking. These Menstruheat patches are suitable for both backaches and muscle aches.

Menstruheat Menstruheat

The longevity of the pack is awesome! I applied the heat patch about 12pm noon and by 10pm the same day it was still warm. The 12+hrs claim holds true. The temperature keeps going higher and higher. The patch does get quite warm.

The adhesive could have been a bit stronger because it kept falling off in a few instances.

Also as time goes on, the patch becomes kinda stiff. I wish the patches were a bit more flexible.

MenstruHeat is made to be highly portable and convenient to use even on the go. It is formulated with a gradual heating technique to reach a therapeutic temperature that prevents burns on the skin, yet is able to effectively relieve menstrual pains.

Using a hot towel or water bottle leads to mess even though it saves money. It takes extra efforts and doesn’t provide lasting heat. I prefer Menstruheat patch so that I can just peel the pack and stick it on. The packaging is thin and girly. I can just put it in my handbag and carry it everywhere.

I recommend the Menstru Heat pack for anyone who needs some long lasting muscle relief or soothing against painful periods.

Ingredients: Iron, Activated carbon, Water, Salt, Vermiculite.
Size: 10cm x 13cm |   Price: SGD $4.50 / 2 pcs

Menstruheat now has a Lite version too and they will soon be live on Amazon India. Alternatively, you can buy from Amazon Global or Menstruheat website.

If you’re keen to purchase this, feel free to visit  www.menstruheat.com

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