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Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

Hey All,

First of all, huge thank you to the Mr Bean Body Care Company for sending me this product. I love to try new things to review!

I was looking for an incredible new body scrub to pamper myself. I came across Mr Bean Body company via Instagram. I was intrigued to give this coffee scrub a shot. As you all know, caffeine offers many benefits for the skin.

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Body Scrub is a natural face and body scrub with skin loving organic ingredients. Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub is made with fair trade ingredients. The fair trade roasted ground coffee beans and Himalayan pink rock salt helps with rough and dry skin to exfoliate and improve skin tone and texture while the vitamin e and coconut oil help to soothe and soften the skin. The organic cacao also contributes to helping with stretch marks and cellulite!

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

Product Claim:

“Rough skin? Dry skin? Stretch marks and cellulite? Mr. Bean is up for the challenge. With regular use he will target cellulite, improve skin tone and leave you feeling softer and smoother than ever.”

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!


“All good things start in the shower. Get wet, rub a large handful of scrub in circular massage motions, focusing on problem areas. Leave me to dry for 5 minutes and finish with a rinse.”


For the mandarin scrub: “roasted ground coffee beans, Himalayan pink rock salt, demerara sugar, organic cacao, cold pressed coconut oil, vitamin e oil, natural mandarin essence.”

Price:  17.95$ Buy Here

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

My Take on the Product:

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Body Scrub has three variants namely Mandarin, Coconut and Man. I chose Mandarin. The third variant is for men. All the three have the same qualities minus the smell.

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Body Scrub comes in dark chocolate shade re-sealable bulky pouch. Its packaging is cute and photogenic. There are clear instructions and useful information about the product on the back.  It is travel friendly and convinient if you empty the contents to a sleek container or jar with spatula to take out the scrub.

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

I love that it’s not tested on animals, is vegan and suitable for all skin types. I have used this scrub 5 to 6 times now. Immediately after the first use my skin felt super soft and hydrated with light scent of mandarin essence left behind on skin!

The consistency, texture , feel and everything about this scrub is like ground coffee. It is loose and doesn’t stick to the skin well. Read the instructions carefully and find a good way to use it. The smell is pleasant. Honestly, the product is quite messy and  inconvenient to use in the bath as the granules gets everywhere. However, the product itself is amazing and the results were fab.

Mr Bean Body Care: Coffee Scrub Review!

This scrub provides nourishment as you go. A little goes a long way with this. It’s gritty and tough but it’s not too harsh or coarse on your skin. The smells lingers on skin and bathroom.

Mr. Bean Coffee Bean Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliator and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. It has kept blackheads, whiteheads and rough dead cells at bay. It also clears my acne debris upto some extent. It can be used all over your body. You can so use it on face. It is recommended that you do a patch test before the actual trial.

This scrub might leave a brown tint on delicate areas of skin. The tint is removable with a puff or towel.

It doesn’t cause redness or irritation. It is sure moisturising but I do feel the need to apply a cocoa body lotion after use on my dry body skin.  It aims to improve your skins imperfections and re-hydrate your skin. The scrub cleanses well as it is only grains with no gel.


This is my all time favourite scrub. I love that it is good stuff with skin loving ingredients and contain no nasties. It does what it says. The price is affordable and the quantity provided is really great  in each  pack.

Mr.Bean body scrub is good for treating cellulites and rough skin areas. It is special as its healthy and natural skin treatment.  This is a shower product, if you like coffee, this is for you. Commenting about this just as a body scrub, not all the extra effects, I’m really impressed and would buy again. One has to use a product for long term to judge the extras. Mr Bean have an America/ UK/ Australia/New Zealand version of their website and they do ship worldwide at an affordable shipping rate. Do check them out.

#Getbeaned with Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub Have you tried any other coffee scrub??

DISCLAIMER: Although Mr. Bean was sent as a courtesy to me, no compensation is being made to state my opinion on this product. All statements made in this post as well as other product reviews (paid or unpaid) are 100% my honest opinion.