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MYK Silks

MYK Silk Pillowcase.!

Hello All,

Pillowcases are very common ‘to purchase item’, But the question is why Silk pillow, is that too costly, what are its advantages over a normal cotton material and of Couse where I do get pocket-friendly Silk Pillowcases.

Beauty and Sleep are two interconnected things where getting good sleep results in us a perfect day and freshness. To get a good sleep good beds and pillows and pillowcases plays a major role. For those are not so aware of Silk Pillowcases, it’s something which is fully made of Pure silk and it’s said that using Silk pillowcases prevents face wrinkles and breakouts.  Some experts even mentioned that it keeps our skin hydrated and regulate our body temperatures. The logic behind this is that Silk surface nullifies the friction between our hair and skin and it results in reduced breakage and skin allergies.

MYK Silks, My Kind Of Silk, are luxurious silk products producers based on the US and offer Luxury silk materials at an affordable rate.

Their main products Include Silk Pillow covers, Sleepwear for men and women.

MYK Silk Pillowcases: – They are always in the Top 16 Silk Pillowcases in Amazon from their reviewers. They use 100% natural Mulberry Silk. Its available in 2 varieties, one is 2sided silk and the other one is one side silk and another side cotton.  I choose Pink pillow case as it matches with my bedroom. It’s widely available in many other colors as well. Their standard size is 20” x 26”.

They cost us around $20 and it’s worth enough.

Though I had tried many pillow covers, most of them are cotton, now I feel that it’s time for me to switch over to silk cases. I found it better than other ones; I could say these are the best in which I own. They are well-stitched cases with zippers in their opening end and it’s so smooth and soft. It came in a nicely presented box and I think it’s perfect for gifting to ourselves: p

 I have pimple problems, and as you are aware now the silk material is anti-bacterial, unlike other materials. I choose this for my hair as well, just that it doesn’t trap my hairs and I am happy with this. It also gives me a cool feeling for my head at night.

MYK Silks are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Product which means that clinically tested to be safe, and the products are free from harmful chemicals. Its 19 Momme silk cases. Momme is one kind of unit to describe the quality of Silk. A momme weight of 12-19 is measured as a good quality with silk sheets in the range of 16-19 to very high quality. Something which is lower than 12 seems out to be less durable and poor quality.


I would definitely suggest you all switch to Silk pillowcases, for the above said health benefits. But always keep in mind few things before purchasing the thread count of the silk and Momme value. Check if the pillowcases are made from mulberry silk and a satin weave, and you feel for them if you don’t feel it soft and silky doesn’t just buy them as touch is our important sense of feel.

I feel that now are doubt-free in the benefits of Silk pillowcases, it’s cost and which one to purchase without a second thought.

Happy Soft Silk purchasing from MYK Silks.!