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Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz

Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz !!

Hello All,

Mojo HandyKraftz by Neelima Badola is a brand based in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and they create natural soaps. The brand specialises in handmade and handcrafted soaps with pure ingredients such as Honey, Coffee, Glycerin, Milk etc.  They sell unique products like goat milk soap, loofah soaps etc. Apart from soaps they also sell organic skin care like anti-dark circle cream, anti ageing cream, natural spray perfumes, body lotions, sugar scrubs, face wash and shampoos. They also create face masks, shampoo bars and body polishing butter. Mojo HandyKraftz also has special products like shampoo bottles and soap bars exclusive for kids.

Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz

Neelima started her journey as an artist in 2013. She has built her small platform of Mojo HandyKraftz through her passion to become an entrepreneur. She makes beautiful art pieces and organic products.

Recently they launched a new product – Pure organic made lipsticks in different shades.

Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz

I was sent these full-sized soaps for review:

  • Glycerin Soap with Arrow Root powder –  Excellent for patchy and acne prone skin
  • Natural Soap with orang Brazil clay
  • Natural Soap with Purple Brazilian clay
  • Pure Handmade Organic Soap
  • Soap with French Green Clay for Oily Skin

I was also sent these mini-sized soap bars for review:

  • Red Clay Soap
  • Green Clay and Multani Mitti Soap (Square Shaped)
  • Activated Charcoal Soap
  • Bentonite Clay Soap

Natural Soaps from Mojo HandyKraftz

Mojo HandyKraftz makes two types of soaps – one with glycerin and fruits like tomato, papaya or aloe and the second one with oils and kinds of butter.

These handmade pure organic soaps are enriched with various essential oils and smell heavenly. The designs etched on them gives the soaps a cute look. The packaging is very simple with the brand label on a thin film. The product names are fancy and catchy.  The soaps are cleansing and refreshing.

I have become a big fan of these Mojo HandyKraftz soaps. Few soaps have that beautiful roses print on it.  The natural colour of Brazilian clay soaps leaves your skin soft and supple after a wash. The skin doesn’t stretch and gives a smooth feel. They are available in different colours like orange, purple and yellow.

The best part about Mojo HandyKraftz is that the products and soaps are purely organic with no chemical nasties added. I really trust this brand and will make more purchases for my personal skincare needs.

Mojo HandyKraftz pricing is very affordable and the products are loaded with natural goodness. They are made with love in small batches and quality is assured.

Do check out Mojo HandyKraftz for your skincare needs. They also undertake bulk orders and gift orders.

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