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Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack !

Hi Girls,
How many of you opt for hair straightening, perming, colouring, and blow drying for a fashionable look and later feel sad thinking about the damage it has done to your hair. If you are one such girl like me today’s review is gonna be helpful to you.You are getting to know about a product that helps you recover from the damaged hair.
Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack contains organic argan oil extract, rose hip oil, prime rose oil that supply your hair with moisture and nutrition.  It repairs hair damaged due to frequent perm, colouring and daily hair drying.


 Product Claims & Ingredients:



Price: $16.94 for 200ml
How to Use:
1. After shampooing, towel-dry the hair.
2. Take some of the hair pack on the palm.
3. Apply it from mid part of hair to the end.
4. Use a hair cap or a towel to wrap the hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
5. Rinse off with lukewarm water.


Recommended frequency is one or two times a week.  This product can replace the hair treatment.
Where to Buy?
The price is competitive enough when you shop from Cosmetic Love.You may check it frequently for sale or discounts.If you signup you will get a discount coupon.I got these two samples with the product.The product came safe from Korea to India without any damage or leakage within 20 days.Delivery and Packaging is good.
My Take on the Product:
This is not like the regular thick creamy hair masks. The consistency is thicker than gels and thinner than cream.The texture is somewhere in the middle. It is little watery and not too thick.
The mask is translucent white in colour. The product comes in a 200 ml caramel brown Jar with a dark chocolate shade lid and I am in love with the packaging. It is travel friendly and sturdy even though it is little bulky. The jar is wider at the top and thinner as it reaches bottom. This is the back view with all the instructions in Korean which takes me a lot of effort to read coz I can’t read Korean ha-ha! Only few things are given in English!
There is no spillage. It shuts tightly. It doesn’t have an additional protective lid inside. It has a polythene film near the lid when it’s brand new to avoid leakage.
It has a nice sour sweety fragrance.Something floral cum citrus and it is very pleasant. Even sensitive noses will love it.
You can use this product as a conditioner, quick in shower treatment or leave in treatment as a hair pack. I tried this 3 times now. I apply it on my damp hair in shower and leave it for about 30 minutes and give it a light massage before I rinse it off with luke warm water.
Since it is a jar packaging and you are using it in shower you might be worried about the bacterial growth but then its hair and not face.If you are still worried you can take out the product using a spatula.
As the mask is thick you need to use it on wet or damp hair otherwise it’s tricky to spread it and get it absorbed.
Also the water from the shower may drip into the jar making it less beneficial. I feel that way so take care to close it once you have taken out the required quantity of product.
This mask is free from alcohol, artificial colouring, Mineral oil, anything made from Animal, and Surfactants.
The quantity provided is decent for the price.
Let me tell you this product works. It makes my hair soft and less frizzy. It doesn’t feel dry like before and feels hydrated. It gives a deep conditioning.
My hair looks healthier and shiny and definitely not dull like before.
You can use it in combination with a hot oil massage and egg white protein pack too.
I didn’t take a before and after pic because the difference is not noticeable via pics.I can see it and feel it.The difference is actually big.
  • It works
  • Hair feel nourished
  • Replenishes moisture in hair
  • Quantity provided is decent
  • Little goes a long way and can last upto 15 uses on medium length hair
  • Amazing smell. Not overpowering at all
  • Good Packaging
  • Right texture and consistency
  • Spreads and absorbs easily on wet hair
  • Alcohol free
  • Goodness of Argan


  • Jar packaging may be unhygienic
  • Water from the shower may drip into it
  • Pricey


Rating: 5/5
Recommendation: Highly recommended. If you have dry damaged hair with problems you must try this. I am planning to use it every week for a softer hair and I am definitely buying more of this jars.
Final Word: Total Love. Try to grab this at a discount or if someone is heading to Korea don’t forget to ask them to get this.


P.S : PR Sample.Honest Review
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