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Nirmala Franklin Designs

Nirmala Franklin Designs – Everyday Planner Review !!

Hey All,

I am not a scatterbrain. I do my works based on proper planning. I give a lot of importance to scheduling be it my blog, hobby, job or personal life. Because we all lead a busy life where organizing and management is highly essential to save energy/time. Only then we can focus on the work we do in a better manner.

Nirmala Franklin Designs

Let go of the guilt if you had been lazy so far and move towards de-cluttering for achieving goals. Getting Organized is a skill you know!! This Everyday Planner from Nirmala Franklin Designs is what turned me into ‘Little Miss Perfect’.

I rely on this Nirmala Franklin planner to keep a tap on my daily fitness, diet and blogging activities, birthdays and important dates, monitor billing and payments, study and work related measures etc. Basically, I jot down everything such as to do/ to buy. I need little reminders like that now and then.

Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs

The pattern of this planner is fun and interesting. These planners are available in 5 different designs. These planners are priced at INR 1499 each. The variant I got is Art White. It has a quote inscribed on it that reads ” Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear”.

The planner has dimensions of 7.25” X 9.25” with 170 pages. The transparent cover of the planner is thick and laminated. You can write your name/details, and inspirational lines in the initial sheets.

Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs

The planner welcomes you with a set of nice quotes following which the yearly calendar planner pages are displayed as per the dates. The planner is divided into 3 layouts namely Daily, Monthly and Yearly. There is a column on the side for to-do list and a tiny notes section at the bottom

The planner is spirally binded. There is a thin lamination on edge of pages to prevent the planner from getting torn as you flip through the pages.

There is an expense section and contacts section too. There are a few blank pages of notes for you to jot down random stuff and pointers. There is calendar for the year 2017 as well. I was surprised to see a sticker area with so many colorful options like Birthday, anniversary, payday, holiday, parlour etc. There are blank stickers that can be customized according to ones requirements.

Nirmala Franklin Designs Nirmala Franklin Designs

There is a thick 2 sided paper folder/compartment which comes handy to store important slips. You also get a zip-lock pouch where you can put receipts, post cards, visiting cards etc.

Trust me, these Nirmala Franklin planners make life organized and simpler. Due to their right size, its easy for me to carry them in my bag. This is such an awesome planner and its price is totally justified. The planners are not only functional but also cute. These planners can be wonderful gifts as they come packed in a pretty orange box with paisley prints wrapped in pink tissue paper. Who wouldn’t like such a surprise !!

Nirmala has thoughtfully curated it. I would like to see more patterns in different sizes. I cant wait to own a 2017 edition.  They offer planner accessories like metallic bands as well for sale. They offer a lot of informative videos on how to make best use  of your planner in their website.


  • 240 Event Stickers/Blank Stickers
  • Heavy duty laminated cover
  • Durable 2 sided pocket folder & Zip lock pouch
  • Year,Month & Week at a glance
  • Notes section,Contacts section,Expense tracker
  • Free Gift Stickers , Journal Cards and much more
  • A5 sizeHigh quality thin paperLaminated TabsDated

If you want to know more about then planners, checkout there collection or buy then visit www.nirmalafranklin.com

** The product was sent by the brand for my honest review and opinion