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Omved Shine and Protect Hair Mist Review!

PR Sample

I am a lazy girl and most of the days I am late to get up and turn up late to catch the train and leave to office. I am in a hurry and when I am free I feel so tired. Many of my beauty goodies are lying unused in the drawer and a bunch of them had expired. I feel sad to part with them but I had to throw them.
Anyways coming to the point, I received a bottle of Omved Protect and Shine Hair Mist last week and I was excited to try it. It is quick to use. I just need to spare a few seconds. I pop it into my bag and keep using it often. Simple as that.
Lets move to the review.

Product Claim:

A weightless daily detangling tonic to nourish dry, wispy hair. Clean hair gets the final touch of shine with the Shine & Protect Hair Mist for glossy, fragrant hair.
* Bhringraj, the ‘king of hair’ conditions and adds lustre
* Protective Rosemary minimises the appearance of split-ends and flyaway hair.
* Brahmi stimulates hair follicles, making hair strong and soft.
* Fragrant Sugandha Kokila de-stresses and helps control infections. 

Coat every hair strand with the goodness of pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and extracts. Protect from the sun and other environmental elements while enjoying shiny, glossy hair.

Omved’s divinely aromatic Shine & Protect Hair Mist and its gentle floral extracts have many therapeutic properties for your precious tresses, beyond just hydration.
Omved formulae are based on millennia of wisdom combined with modern scientific innovation from around the world using only pure, clean, botanically-sourced ingredients that produce results.
Omved haircare products combine 100% active, rare, healing plant extracts at levels that really work, in carefully balanced natural formulations to offer you the right product for your hair type.

Availability: www.omvedstore.in
Directions for use:
Shake well. Hold 5-7 inches away and spray evenly on dry, washed hair.

100% natural. No synthetic agents. No parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes. 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils, blended in cold-pressed plant oils. Contains only herbal actives – pure botanical extracts in a natural skin- and Earth-friendly base, spring water, DM water, bhringraj extract (Eclipta alba), brahmi extract (Sida cordifolia), alfalfa extract (Medicago sativa), sugandha kokila oil ( Homalomena aromatica), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil, carrot seed oil (Daucus carota).
100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging.

Price: Rs 690 for 100 ml
My Take on the Product:

Omved Shine and Protect Hair Mist comes in a dark coloured brown plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and a transparent cap. The packaging is travel friendly and efficient.
The product is in liquid consistency just like all hair sprays. The spray nozzles effectively dispenses the product and it gets distributed evenly once you spray and run your fingers through the hair.
The mist is light brown in tint and is like water spray. It has a  herbal fragrance .The ingredients are natural and very beneficial. It contains no parabens. It is safe to use.
The aroma of this hair mist is soothing and relaxing. It smells of rosemary, carrot etc and the smell is divine. My hair smells pleasant even after hours of using it. The herbal smell does fade quickly but your hair stays aromatic which is a huge plus.
The hair mists gives your a healthy shine. It keeps my hair soft. My hair type is dry and frizzy. This hair mist makes it easy to detangle and makes my hair manageable. It protects my hair and it is true to its promises. I see that the minor split ends due to non oiling are much better now ( no reduction but I see some change and it appears calm. Usually my split ends are wild :D)
This is a simple, easy to use after bath hair care protect. I love it so much.
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient packaging
  • Spray nozzle helps to distribute the product evenly
  • Goodness of natural ingredients
  • Helps in detangling
  • Manageable smooth shiny hair
  • Divine smell
  • Paraben free


  • The effects are only temporary and you need to respray this often
  • Doesn’t go well on wet hair.
  • A bit pricey but worth it

Overall Thoughts:

It gives the final touch to the clean hair. This converts my bad hair days into good ones and reduces the mess I have to undergo. This product works for my hair type. The results are temporary and I need to reuse this often. With natural ingredients and spray can that wont be a problem. It works well on clean dry washed hair only. I dont like to use it on dirty hair. Its one of my hair loving kind of product.