Oriflame The One Long Wear Nail Polish Review & Swatches in Strawberry Cream, Lilac Silk, Ballerina Rose and Cappuccino
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Oriflame The One Long Wear Nail Polish Review & Swatches in Strawberry Cream, Lilac Silk, Ballerina Rose and Cappuccino

Hey Everyone,

With the launch of so many products under Oriflame The One, I have become a one girl totally. In today post I will talk about varnishes in four shades. All of them are bright colors, cheerful, playful and pastel.  Oriflame launched The One Collection for women to be happy. The ONE Long-Wear Collection products are designed to stay beautiful all day.  The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish nail polishes form this collection and consist of 10 trendy colors namely Fuchsia Allure, Purple in Paris, Ruby Rouge, Cappuccino, Night Orchid, Lilac Silk, London Red, Ballerina Rose, Red Sky at Night and Strawberry Cream.


Product Description:

  • Maximize Perfection with Long Wear Nail Polish
  • Flowing formula that applies smoothly and easily, Rich and concentrated pigmentation, vibrant and amplified shine
  • Longer shelf life with quick drying time
  • Chip and fade resistant
  • High definition mistake-free wide brush design gives you full, even and rich coverage in one-stroke without the mess


Availability: Online via Amazon India


 My Take on the Product:

The product comes in usual glass jars like other nail polishes. The packaging is in a clear glass bottle form with a twist top and brush applicator. The sturdy, broad brush makes application quick and accurate. It goes without any mess. I really like the bottles of these nail polishes and their shape. I find them beautiful with its shimmery cap. The locking system seems to be very secure. The brush is thick and that really helps for a perfect coverage of the nail with no waste of the product. The appearance of the bottles is less vibrant than the colors. I find these four colors incredibly fun.

They stay and sit on nails for about four days without a top coat and I find that really great! Of course, it stays for about seven days with a topcoat. I lack practice when it comes to painting my nails and the specially designed curve edged brush helps me to achieve perfection. The paint coat dries quickly. Two coats give solid coverage. These polishes are good value for money, with the kind of quality you get. Some colors looks really sophisticated and will be fabulous as a work wear. I use two to three coats to get the required density.


The texture of these polishes is thick and creamy with no shimmer or glitter. It does not make air bubbles, and rather applies smoothly with no bleeding giving a great coverage. It has a great shine and glossy look.

All these four shades are lighter colors and needs three coats atleast for good coverage. These shades are definitely more of my taste as I wear dark colors in winter and lighter colors in summer.  The colours are not intense rather soft and beautiful.


Price:     Rs. 299/- for 8 ml. Available through Oriflame consultants across India


Ballerina Rose seems at first glance looks much like natural skin shade, but if you see closer, you see that this is creamy rose. Ballerina Rose is a sweet peach color that seems tanned or bleached! It’s more of a nude color with no shimmer.

Strawberry Cream is a real Barbie-pink color. It is a distinctive, light pink color with a light shimmer in it. It is a cute and girly with its pastel bright color. I like it a lot! The shimmer is not very striking and can be seen in the sun.

Lilac Silk is, as the name suggests, is a lilac color. It is a light lavender shade. Lilac color suits you in every season – soft in the summer, cheerful in the spring, playful in winter and trendy in the fall. Beautiful!

Cappuccino is a very nice, warm brown color. I prefer to wear this kind of color often for work because they are not so attention seeking, but neat. My absolute favorite! It has taupe tones. It is a bit of gray and brown.




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