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Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara Review!

PR Sample

Hey Pretties,
You all know that Oriflame has launched its new line of makeup –  The One Collection. The Brand was kind enough to send me their entire launch for October and November.  A few days back I reviewed Oriflame The One Stylo Eyeliners and today I will be reviewing Oriflame The One Volume Blast Mascara in Black.


“24 X volume. Rich creamy formulation and BOLD BOOST WAX SYSTEM deliver ultra volume all the time.Every lash counts : Lash grabbing brush catches every lash for super separation and bombastic volume.”

PRICE: Rs 529 for 8 ml.
AVAILABILITY Online and via Oriflame Reps. Not available over the counter.

The mascara comes in a normal plastic maroon tube. The formula is very creamy and non drying due to the presence of three kinds of natural waxes. The rich waxes are carnauba wax, sunflower, rice bran wax. It comes with a unique long brush applicator. The applicator applies the mascara over the entire length and coats each strand (cilium) separately.

The product comes sealed so NIL chances of getting an used product. The wand applicator is equipped with cute tiny bristles on both sides.Due to the above reason, the mascara is voluminous in nature. Each cilium looks a lot more voluminous and brighter with an intense black pigmentation. The eye lashes look dense. Okay I get the point that the term volume is given in the package and hence understandable. I just wanted to add here that many a times we have fallen for such false claims. This time its true. The volume you want to have is buildable. It wont add much difference in one coat but the effect is visible when you put multiple coats.

The mascara adds natural curves and the effect doesn’t look artificial. The mascara doesn’t clump and is non flaky. Unlike other mascaras this doesn’t make my eyelashes stick together. It dries soon and doesn’t spread.
I have stopped worrying about spider lashes and panda eyes. Moreover, its easy to work with this brush. It reaches the tiniest lashes in the corners easily. The formula was gentle and non irritating on my sensitive eyes.
It is good for daily use. The staying power is decent with 6 to 7 hours. It is water resistant but not water proof in the sense it cant withstand tears or rubbing.

  • Unique applicator
  • Ease of use
  • Rich creamy formula
  • Non drying
  • Non irritating
  • Non flaky
  • No clumps or stickiness
  • Gentle and dries soon
  • Doesn’t spread or look messy
  • Three waxes 
  • Intense colour
  • Looks natural
  • Coats individual cilium
  • Good packaging
  • Easy to wipe off

  • Fall out after some time
  • Much volume doesn’t add with it in a single coat .


Volume mascara The ONE creates gorgeous volume and split eyelashes. Volume mascara The ONE gives you a charming look with luxurious appearance of your eyelashes. This is the best mascara ever ! What an innovative technology from the company Oriflame. The formula is simply superb and the colour intensity is perfect. If you are looking for a new mascara that adds a little volume in your lashes, you really should give this a try.
I rate it 4.8/5 and I recommend it to you all. Bye bye fake lashes.

Disclaimer – Views expressed are my own and Oriflame does not hold any liability whatsoever in respect of same. Names, logos and other proprietary information quoted in this blog are property of Oriflame and are mentioned here for reference purpose only.