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Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

Hey All,

Oshea herbals, leading herbal cosmetics has introduced Sheasoft Fairness Nourishing Body Milk with 24 hours+ strong moisturizing formula. I do not support the fairness bandwagon but this body milk is specially devised for nourishing and hydrating dry and dull skin during winters. This body milk is compiled with natural brightening ingredients.

I am using this body milk for a month now and totally loving it in this cold harsh weather. Check out my views on Oshea Sheasoft Fairness Nourishing Body Milk below to know more.

Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

Product Claim:

Quick penetrating body lotion enriched with vitamin E. A unique blend of moisturizer shea butter, Kokum butter and aloe vera extract to tone skin. Non-greasy formula that hydrates skin all day long,and lightens skin tone.

Price: Rs. 225 for 250 ml

Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !! Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter and Kokum Butter- Excellent skin emollient & skin softening properties. Restore skin moisture & suppleness. Mulberry leaves-conditions dry and patchy skin,lightens skin tone. Licorice-lightens skin tone.

DIRECTIONS : Apply all over Hand and Body. Smoothen till skin absorb it. Use it twice daily for soft, smooth and brighter skin.


Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

My Take on the Product:

Oshea Herbals Nourishing body milk comes in a pump packaging. It is convenient to use.  The body milk is housed in a white container with a red cap. The packaging is user-friendly but not great for traveling.

Oshea Herbals Nourishing body milk is water based and has a mild fresh aqua fragrance. The formula is light weighted and dampening. Advanced with the extracts of Aloe Vera, it enhances skin suppleness.

Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !! Oshea Herbals Fairness Nourishing Body Milk !!

It is non-greasy body milk with quick penetration that hydrates skin all day long. The body milk has been formulated with the richness of Shea and kokum butter. This butter boosts skin moisture retention and elasticity. It also ensures extra smoothness and softness skin all day long.

Moreover, Mulberry and Licorice extracts as an active ingredient in the body milk ensure skin brightening up shots while advancing skin tone.

Overall, Oshea Herbals Nourishing Body Milk is apt for those who prefer light weight water based, herbal body milk that keeps skin soft and hydrated. Dry skinned beauties might need a stronger moisturizer. This body milk suits my skin type.

Dike the wintery tolls of dry, itchy and flaky skin with Oshea Sheasoft Fairness Nourishing Body Milk.

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