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Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6" X 9" 600W

Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 4-Way Speakers !!

The Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers are the best devices which offer improved dynamic range and deeper base. The speakers are designed in such a way that they can boost the sounds quality with exceptional value. In fact, it produces an optimized sound with very high volume.

The specifications of the 4-way speakers:

  • It has a soft dome tweeter with a waveguide
  • Design with a multi-layer matrix-cone woofer
  • Its diameter is six by nine inches
  • The speaker’s brand is pioneer
  • It is an automobile speaker
  • The sizes of the 4-Way Speakers are: 14.4×11.2×5.5 inches
  • It has a model number of TS-A6986R
  • The power output of this type of devices is 600w

Below is an illustration of the Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers:

Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6" X 9" 600W

Features of the speakers:

The following are the features of the Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers which has enabled most of the customers to go for the product:

#1. It is an ideal speaker

The Pioneer speakers have absolute fidelity which will reproduce the ambiance in which the sounds comes from. Among other factors, the aural reflection, stage size, and musicians will bring the music to life. Normally, the pioneer series are available in coaxial designs or two-way component packages in multiple sizes. As a result, it makes it fit to all the vehicles.

#2 You can get loud and clear sounds

The design of the speakers involves a variety of materials. Consequently, a diaphragm of extra rigidity and lightness will produce a clear sound with exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness. Nevertheless, there will be a degree of internal losses. The remarkable series speakers also feature a mica matrix cone which is multilayered so as to properly maintain the superiority of the cone. Furthermore, the other layer makes an excellent use of water resistant material which is lightweight.

#3 The midrange and tweeters of the speakers are amazing

The Pioneer TS-A6986R Speaker will enable both mid and high range frequencies which can be projected in a wide dispersion pattern. The outcomes of the design are a smooth on and off axis response. The hard plastic which the diaphragm is made of will be able to optimize the balance of the rigidity and light weight. In fact, the best sound propagation, high speed, and responsiveness will be achieved. The large magnet which the appliance has will also enhance the drivability of the diaphragm. Hence, ensuring, the sound which is produced has a very impressive power.

Additional features of the device include:

It is an elastic polymer which is sounded by the high sensitivity

The axis response is very smooth

The speakers are made of heat resistant coil wire used for durability as well as heat dissipation so as to
withstand a very high input power

The material use incorporates the PRS series with high-end component speakers necessary for more accurate response and stiff suspension.

The main function of the cooling basket with an air vent is to increase the cooling process so that the power handling will be improved.

The customer’s reviews about the product:

The specifications and features highlighted is a clear indication that the product has optimum performance. Most of the clients who have bought the speakers have given positive feedback. The following are some of the customer’s reviews:

Previously, I have been looking for the excellent speakers. Among the qualifications which I had to use include: affordability and optimum performance. Fortunately, I found the pioneer TS-A699R speaker. I have been happy with its functionality as the speakers do a perfect job. To be precise, the sound range is recommended since it is between 30 to 600HZ. Therefore, I highly propose to anybody who would like to enjoy the music to purchase this kind of speakers because of its functionality.

Deals and discounts

When you buy the product from amazon-com, you will be rewarded with a visa card. The card will be able to receive a 50 dollars discount instantly automatically. The gift card is waiting for you.


The technical details, features and customer’s reviews of the Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6″ X 9″ 600W 4-Way Speakers should make you buy the speakers. For more information, you can check out 10greatest.com. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the product online since it is not only durable but also excellent. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the music when you are driving or doing any other activities.