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Plum Alcohol Free Green Tea Toner Review!

PR Sample

Hey all,
Have you heard about Plum? I dont mean the fruit here but I am talking about a Brand. I so love this description of the Brand ” Juicy, bursting with natural goodness. Fresh, bright, much loved. True, child-like, perhaps even naughty.Take me as I am… No airs, No pretensions. That’s me. I am Plum. “
Plum came into existence in 2013. With Plum, it was really love at first sight. It was a real joy trying out Plum products.The first product I am reviewing now is Plum Goodness Alcohol Free Green Tea Toner.

Product Claim:
  • Alcohol-free natural toner
  • Not goodness: ultra-drying the skin with alcohol just to tighten up a few pores.
  • Goodness: figuring out an alcohol-free alternative – with added green tea extracts. Let’s put alcohol to better us

Price: Rs 380 for 200 ml

Green tea

A great natural astringent (tightens pores), green tea is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and provides the skin with nourishing anti-oxidants to decrease the signs of aging.

Glycolic acid

More famously used in peels, glycolic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) that helps keep skin refreshed and renewed.


A non-comedogenic emollient, results in skin that is softer to touch

Everything that’s inside:

Aqua (Water), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, FDA Approved Colours, Fragrance Glycerin, Glycolic acid, Phenoxyethanol

Directions for use:

Splash liberally on face after using a mild cleanser, and air dry or pat dry lightly. Do not wipe off. Follow up with a moisturizer suitable for oily skin.
My Take on the Product:

The Plum Green Tea Toner comes in a white colour translucent plastic bottle with the green Plum logo.The packaging is cute. I love the lettering and design of the logo. The bottle comes with a press to open type cap.
The toner is colorless like water. You can see how much product is left. The toner is watery and I apply it with a cotton.It has a runny consistency.It cleanses and removes the hidden dirt and grime well.
It gives a cooling sensation on the skin. It instantly makes skin taut and tightens the pores. It leaves my face fresh and supple.

It is free of parabens, phthalates,SLS and other harmful chemicals. It is loaded with goodness of natural extracts. It is very mild and has a soothing fragrance.It calms down my skin and doesn’t give any irritation.It doesn’t make the acne attack worse unlike other toners.A little goes a long way and this product is worth the money. It is affordable.
It is wonderful to spritz on this  after cleansing to apply a serum. You can use this as a face mist by storing in a small spray bottle.This toner hydrates, brightens and energizes the skin. The unique formula with its natural blend completes the cleansing process by getting rid of any last traces of makeup and excess sebum by balancing the skin with its toning properties. Green Tea awakens the senses, nourish and soothe, leaving the skin feeling fresh,soft and hydrated.
This is one of the best toners I have ever used till date.

  • Does not dry face like alcohol-based toners
  • Rich in green tea extracts – tones, hydrates and clarifies skin
  • Glycolic acid helps weed out dead cells
  • Hand-picked non-comedogenic ingredients
  • Free from harmful chemicals like parabens and SLS.
  • Hydrating and cooling
  • Leaves skin fresh
  • Removes excess sebum and last traces of makeup
  • Long lasting and affordable
  • It stings a bit at times like an astringent but I believe its quite natural due to the pore tightening effect. 
  • The nozzle or opening in the bottle is large and it disposes more than the required quantity if you press hard. You need to be careful with this coz it leads to wastage and using more quantity results in a greasy layer.
Overall Thoughts:

Plum is India’s first online-only beauty solution brand focused on restoring & maintaining your skin as nature made it to be. Always free of parabens, phthalates, SLS and other harmful chemicals. A simple toner with natural ingredients that calms down your skin. I highly recommend this. It is suitable for all skin types.