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R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit Review !!

Hello All,

Moringa Facial Kit by R.K’s Aroma is what I will be reviewing today. What got me hooked is that it is completely herbal and natural formulation which won’t harm sensitive skin. Moringa is a wonder ingredient and R.K’s Aroma is the first ever facial kit in India to use the moringa as its primary ingredient. Many Brands including TBS has a Moringa range but I am trying one for the first time. Let’s see the review of R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit in detail.

 R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit  R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

Product Claim :

The super plant Moringa is native to Africa and Asia and is widespread among the lush, green foothills of the Himalayas. It belongs to the Moringaceae family, and derives its name from the Malayalam word, ‘Muringa’. Its leaves, pods, fruits, flowers, and bark are all abundant in restoratory and healing properties, making it a powerhouse of nutrients and anti-oxidants; a bounteous natural agent, generous with its benefits, truly worthy of the moniker ‘miracle tree’.

Moringa is rich in vitamins C and E and contains over 30 different natural anti-oxidants, minerals, phytonutrients and natural anti-inflammatory agents that gently soothe the skin. Perfect for everyday use, Moringa prevents the onset of blackheads, acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and protects from sunburn and minor skin infections. It softly cleanses the skin without robbing it of its natural radiance, while its anti-ageing properties rejuvenate and bring it to life.

 R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

Directions for Use:

Clean the face with Moringa Cleansing Lotion to cleanse and minimize the pores. Apply Exfoliating Scrub and gently massage for 5-7 minutes for skin exfoliation. Clean the face with wet cotton. Steam your face for 2-5 minutes. Now take Moringa Cream approximately 3-4gms and add 2-3 drops of Moringa oil and massage for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off the excessive cream with cotton or tissue. Apply Moringa Gel and massage for 5-8 minutes and wipe off the excess.Apply Moringa Mask by mixing it with required amount of water, keep it for 5-10 minutes until it dries off and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Complete your facial by applying Moringa moisturizing lotion.

Price: Rs 210

  • Moringa Cream 4g
  • Moringa Moisturizing Lotion 4g
  • Moringa cleanser 4g
  • Exfoliating Scrub 4g
  • Moringa Mask 4g
  • Moringa Gel 4g
  • Moringa Oil 5ml

 R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

My Take on the Product:

This facial kit comes packed in a bright moss green cardboard box. There is a detailed description about Moringa in black fonting.

This pack contains 7 sachets of Cleanser, Scrub, Massage Cream, Oil, Gel, Mask and Moisturizing Lotion with a guide leaflet.

 R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

Its a one time use kit but the quantity is sufficient for two people. Once opened, it is difficult to store sachets and hence you can try it with your bestie or sibling.

All R.K’s Aroma products are pH tested and suitable for all skin types. All products have got an invigorating aroma.

The Moringa Facial Cleanser has a mild floral scent and is white in color. It is thick but lathers well. It gets rid of dirt, grime, residual makeup and pollution from the pores . The Moringa Exfoliating Scrub removes blackheads, whiteheads and dead cells without being gritty and rough. After this step, skin feels squeaky clean. Scrubbing leaves my skin smooth. I didn’t get any irritation or redness. Before using the massage cream, I steamed my face using a towel dipped in warm water. The Moringa facial cream and facial oil have to be mixed together to massage the skin. The massage cream is white while the facial oil is yellowish. Massage is an important step in any facial and I massaged my face in circular motions targeting the pressure points with this mixture. This step left my skin soothed and relaxed. The facial Massage imparts a healthy glow, increases blood circulation, tightens skin and flushes out toxins. The Moringa Gel translucent is color. It gives a nice cooling sensation.The Moringa face mask is a light green powder and you have to mix it with water to form a paste. I applied it and rinsed after 30 mins. The moringa facial mask nourishes the skin. The last step is to apply the Moringa Moisturizing Lotion. Initially, it was a bit oily but got absorbed after few minutes. It was refreshing and hydrating. There was no tingling sensation.

R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

After any facial,  radiance starts to appear after 15-24 hours. My skin felt glowy and bright without any makeup post using this R.K’s moringa facial. I advise you to stay away from the sun. My skin looks great for at least a week. It’s wonderful for at home facial to drive out free radicals and unclog the pores. Moringa purifies, softens and nourishes skin from deep within giving a baby soft touch to it.  I love aromatherapy oils and no wonder I enjoyed using R.K’s Aroma Facials.

R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit R.K’s Aroma Moringa Facial Kit

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