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Reelle France Cleansing Gel Review !!

PR Sample

Hi All,
I reviewed the Reelle France Snail Extract Serum sometime back and I am reviewing the Reelle France Face Cleanser today.
I am always delighted to try snail based products and Reelle has impressed me not just with their products but also with their behavior. The.The people at Reelle are friendly and they encouraged me to write a honest review including the negative side. They gave me enough time to test and share this feedback. Thank You for that!!
I am a huge fan of snail based products and the craze started with my first snail based product-Elisha Coy Skin Repairing Snail Cream.
Reelle is a french company but they have farms in Thailand. The company doesn’t kill snails to extract slime. Reelle is a new entrant in the market.The snails are fed with aloe and slime is extracted using pure gentle methods.
The first step in my skincare regime  is cleansing.
Lets see the review now.

Product Claim:

The Réelle’s Skincare Anti-Acne cream includes 5% of pure snail extract in its composition.   Snail extract naturally contains antibacterial and antimicrobials which are 2 extremely efficient ingredients for treating the most common skin disorders, including acne. Furthermore, Réelle’s Acne cream offers a solution for sebum control.
The Mangosteen extract used on top of the snail extract in our cream also acts to fight acne as it is a great antioxidant and contains xanthons. Those xanthons are effective in fighting the bacteria which causes acne: the Propionibacterium Acnes.
Ingredients: As below
Price: 23.90 Euros (~$32.61 USD)
Unit: 120 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Free worldwide shipping on your order!!

My take on the product:

The product comes in a thick glass bottle with a golden colored pump cap.The product comes packed in a thick white outer carton.The package comes with a golden colored logo and snail sticker.The details about the product are clearly mentioned in the package.
Overall, The packaging looks elegant and classy.It is sturdy but not travel friendly coz it is made of glass and prone to breakage although the chances are less.The packaging doesn’t look cheap for the price.
Over use, the fonts in the package have disappeared at some places.There are minor scratches in the bottle and finger prints in the cap but that is quite normal coz products wont remain new once you start using a product.
The face cleanser or face wash is a thin,runny,transparent gel and has no colour like water. The consistency is medium coz it is not thick and not too thin.It runs/flows slowly.
The smell of the cleanser is similar to that of the serum. It has a faint floral fruity smell and it is not bothersome or pungent as I expected.
The product doesn’t lather or foam well may be because of the natural snail extract. I feel that the foaming cleansers are a bit drying and hence I prefer mildly fragranced soap/lather free gel kind of  face wash.
The product cleanses well even when there is no lather. It helps to get rid of oil,dirt etc very well.It does only 80 to 90 % job in removing makeup. You will have to use oil or makeup remover before using this if you want to get rid of waterproof makeup easily.
I require two pumps of the product at night when I come back from work. You will require 2 to 3 pumps for efficient use as the pump pushes out only small amount of the product.
The brand says that we should use snail based products only once as the concentration of certain ingredients is high. So I use it only at night along with a makeup remover.
The Reelle France serum consists of 20% snail extracts and this one contains 5%.
I find this cleanser mild and gentle and non drying on skin.It hydrates skin and makes it supple over use.It adds an instant glow which I like.
It didn’t give me any irritations or breakouts.
It is an high priced product but the quality is worth it. I believe you get what you pay for.
I cant compare this with any other snail products coz I have tried only Reelle France and Elisha coy. I like both these brands and the products I have serves different purpose.
I use Reelle Products in my current CTM regime and I am satisfied with the results.
My skin doesn’t feel dry or slippery after using this and its OK even if I skip a moisturiser.
  • Available Online with Free Shipping.
  • Gentle and mild
  • Non drying
  • Classy packaging with pump
  • Cleanses oil and dirt well
  • No irritation or breakouts
  • 5% snail extract
  • Leaves no residue or slippery feel
  • Not bothersome smell

  • Doesn’t lather well
  • Presence of sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t remove makeup completely

Rating: 4.5/5
Best suited for sensitive skin followed by normal and dry skin. It suits oily combination skin too but you will have to follow up with a deep cleansing toner or use a makeup remover if you are wearing waterproof makeup.
Final Word:

I love using this cleanser and my skin feels good after use. It is not overloaded with too many chemicals. A gentle and mild cleanser that is hydrating which you can use once everyday.

Have you tried any Reelle Products??