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RiteBite Bar

RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars Review !

Hey Everyone,

I got three new bars to try from RiteBite last month. Having tried their Max Protein Bars, I was delighted. These bars were loaded with the goodness of herbs like tulsi and ashwagandha.


I got three variants – Easy Slim, Easy Immune and Easy Calm. These bars satisfy your hunger and sweet tooth without adding to the calories. It can act as a meal replacement bar too. The bar makes me feel full and keeps me away from my craving for unhealthy snacks.


Eazy Slim:

With herbs like green tea, guggul, yerba mate and garcinia, this bar was definitely my choice. These herbs help in metabolism and easy digestion.Garnicia is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements which prevent fat absorption. It was in the news for its dangerous sode effects. Garnicia is natural. These bars come with a disclaimer saying you can consult your doctor before consuming. The bars are layered with sugarless dark chocolate with slight crunchiness inside. The bar contains 14g of protein, 8g of fiber and 24g of carbs. This bar contains no added sugar.


Eazy Immune:

This bar contains ginger, amla, lemon and tulsi. I felt that the bar will have a medical flavour rather than an interesting one looking at the ingredients. The bar is topped with some sesame seeds and flax seeds which makes it appealing . I was  surprised with the sweetness of the bar. The taste was dominated by honey and lemon. The bar has 12 grams of protein, 7.5 grams of fiber, 6.3 grams of sugar and 182 calories.


Eazy Calm:

This bar includes ashwagandha, passion flower and tulsi which helps in stress management. It is topped with dark chocolate. The bar contains 14 g protein, 8 g fiber and no added sugar.



These Bars were delicious. This new range  supports weight loss, stress management and immunity boost.The bars are better  the protein bars launched earlier.Protein Bars are good for workouts. The Eazy Herbal Bars are priced at Rs 90 each. These bars are expensive but packed with a punch of antioxidants, fiber and wonder herbs.


These bars find a place in my handbag.  The bar will quickly refuel me. I am planning to throw a few of them into my office desk and gym bag too.

The packaging is decent.I love to indulge in these bars and I really enjoyed them. I highly recommend everyone to try out these bars. They are available for online purchase at http://naturellindia.com/

Disclaimer: I received free samples of RiteBite Eazy Herbal Bars for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.