SBT SeaBuckThorn Sniffle Stick Review !
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SBT SeaBuckThorn Sniffle Stick Review !

PR Sample

Hey all,
SBT SeaBuckThorn is a Canadian company that harvests and makes their collection of over 60 products in Peachland.  Their products are all natural and have a ton of wonderful health and beauty benefits.
I’m so excited about their New range ie Sniffle Stick. I am an ardent fan of natural balms and I’ve already fallen in love with this one. Its time to snuff the sniffles. Say bye bye to Aaaachooooo!

Product Claim:

The SBT Sniffle Stick is an all-natural, petroleum-free solution for the discomfort of colds and flu in a convenient tube. Safe for the young and old.
Aromatic healing oils were carefully selected for its particular therapeutic activity in supporting the body’s recover from flu. Containing eucalyptus to relieve nasal congestion, ravensara to soothe sore throats and peppermint oil to clear cluttered lungs. The SBT Sniffle stick also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which prevents from any flu attack.
Price: $ 4.95

IngredientsCoconut Oil, Beeswax, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil,Organic SBT Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, Organic SBT Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Ravintsara Oil, Ravensara Oil, Peppermint Oil
My Take:

SBT Seabuckthorn Sniffle Balm comes in a easy-to-use retractable stick (something like a lip balm tube). The stick packaging is travel friendly, handy and hygienic because there is no need to dip your hands or fingers into the balm. The sniffle stick is a comforting Vapor Balm / Chest Rub and is just what’s needed during colds, flu’s or allergies.
I love the all natural formula that gives you the same advantages you’re used to with other pharma brands but without the parabens or petroleum.
The sniffle stick contains Pure Eucalyptus, Peppermint essential oils etc which support easier breathing when your nose/lungs are blocked, stuffy & congested.
The Sniffle Stick helps congestion and can also aid as a headache reliever when rubbed on the temples.
Next time when you get cold during winters or seasonal changes and you forget your favourite hankies to end up with chapped and flaking dry nose from using tissues, try this balm. It doubles up to moisturize and protect the damaged skin around the nose or chest.
  • Helps reduce congestion
  • Use this as a rub to open your airways
  • Treats sore nose
  • Loosens mucus in the head and chest
  • Pulls your nasal passageways open and  helps you breathe easier
  • Relieves sinus pressure
  • Soothing, healing and calming
  • Nil
Overall Thoughts:

Sad noses will definitely love this stuff. It makes me fall asleep easily. In the last couple of months I’ve been using more natural skincare products for my beauty routine. The results are good plus it is much kinder to our skin and the environment. I highly recommend you to try SBT SeaBuckThorn products. They ship worldwide.