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Shewee Extreme Female Urinating Device Review !

Hey All,

Sometimes when we are on a trip, long journeys, travelling in a public transport or visiting a mall, peeing on the go is haunting. It so happened before that when I’d be dying for a pee, the bus would never stop and yet if it did I have to run like a mad ninja miles searching for a tree or a bush. As you whip down the pants and try to pee, a car or truck passes by. Exposing yourself is another awkward feeling which I dont want to think about. Mosquitoes and insects add to the trouble.


With all these situations in mind, I decided  to try a few female peeing devices in the market. I had tried PeeSafe before which is made out of paper cardboard. Here’s what arrived in the mail some weeks ago. This device is called SheWee Extreme Female Urinating Device.

If you are not aware that these sorts of things existed, the fact that there are many options or brands to choose from might be shocking. Let us move to the review of SheWee.


SheWee is a handy funnel device to allow women to urinate comfortably when there’s no toilet around. The extension pipe that comes with it is a great addition and is ideal when wearing bulk clothes or snow suits.

SheWee is very easy to use. All you need to do is to unzip your pants, or slightly pull them down, slip the device into place and pee away. To be frank, I was hesistant to try it at first. I reluctantly took my place in front of the toilet, put the SheWee in place which my instict told was correct and let nature take its course. To my surprise, the whole process went away smooth and the device worked perfectly! I tried it a few more times and I got better with the technique.


Shewee comes in two variants and six colours

Shewee Extreme – Includes the Original Urination Funnel Device, extension tube and a carry case.

Shewee Original – Only Funnel

Available Color Options

  • Power Pink
  • Nato Green
  • Pure (White)
  • Blue
  • Freedom Purple
  • Black

This portable female urinal device for women allows you to urinate while standing & without removing clothes.It is great for camping, walking, skiing, climbing, traffic jams, traveling, unhygienic public toilets & much more. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms!

You’ll have to use water to wash off the device but instruction says there is no need to wash as urine is sterile. I prefer washing it after every use.


SheWee comes in different colours out which I got purple. It comes in a stylidh case that wont reveal what you are carrying. You’ll not need a plastic bag or zip lock. You can use the case to store the device in. You can wash it later when you get to a water source.  The case stores all parts neatly together. The dimensions of the device is 190 x 65 x 35 mm (L,W,D). The material is polypropelene.


I didnt find the length a problem. The hose or tube is long enough and you can even pee into a bottle. It will easily fit in the  pocket of your jeans, a jacket or your handbag giving you an easy access. The funnel and the case is made of sturdy plastic.

Shewee is a very popular product all around the world. It is basically imported from UK. It is a must have for any outdoors person like me because finding a clean bathroom is not always easy. SheWee is a smart invention and is undoubtedly a handy device. SheWee gives you the freedom to pee anywhere anytime. The product is developed by UK entrepreneur and inventor Samantha Fountain. The SHE WEE is washable and reusable.


Instructions For Use:

Undo pants. Pull down the front of your panties or push to one side. Place SHEWEE securely against your body. Direct outlet pipe away from body and out of pants. Be sure SHEWEE is positioned in an effective and comfortable position. Aim urine to a suitable place; into a toilet, a container or away from feet. Once relieved, pull funnel away and use to wipe any final drips. Shake funnel. Replace in resealable bag.

You get an Everteen Intimate Wash free with every Shewee Extreme (MRP-1045/-) purchased. The products are available in Ebay, Amazon and Privyshop.com.  Privyshop is the Authorized dealer for Shewee in India.

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