Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush Review !

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Hi Pretties,
I own so many makeup brushes but none of them are branded.Most of them are good quality ones but dupes. Cheers to me for owning my first ever Sigma Product. I guess you can imagine my excitement.
Today’s review is about Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush.
Product Claims:
Feature: Soft and dense bristles
Function: Even application of color
Recommended Use: Place color across the entire lid for an even and strong application of product.
Length: 7 3/16 in. (18.2 cm)
Price:   $14 for full size
Availability: Sigma Official Website  Use Code SEPT2014 to get 10% off until Sep 30th
My Take on the Brush:
Sigma E55 is a basic but essential eye shading brush.It acts as a blending brush too. It helps in applying the eye shadow all over the lids evenly. It makes the application easy.I got a mini travel sized brush. Full sized ones are available too.


It comes with a pink handle followed by a silver neck that holds the bristle. Though it is small, it is the perfect size and I have no issues holding it.The bristles are extremely soft and smooth. The bristles are dense. It is not at all scratchy.The E55 is a flat brush with rounded corners. The hairs are all natural.
It is very sturdy and doesn’t shed at all after washing.


  • Great Quality
  • Reaches inner corner of eye easily
  • Reduces our extra efforts
  • Helps to apply and blend the shadow easily.
  • Minimum fallout
  • Multi purpose
  • Doesn’t shed or bleed
  • Rightly sized
  • Very Cute
  • Super soft firmly packed bristles
  • Sturdy
  • A bit pricey and the international shipping option makes it even more expensive. It is still cheaper than MAC and other high end Brands. Also you can save if you make a combined or group purchase.
Overall Thoughts:All the sigma brushes are super soft. The quality is great. You can own it for a smart price.The E55 is more of an application brush than blending. It helps in blending but Sigma E35 is the precise blending brush. It is a perfect brush for eye makeup beginners like me.