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Bare Pure Beauty

Skincare Simplified with Bare Pure Beauty !

Hello All,

The damage from pollutants like dirt, dust, and pollution play havoc on the skin making it more obvious with dark spots, breakouts, blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, and aging.  One common mistake that I commit is I often skip many steps in skincare just because I have a sensitive skin and chemical ingredients don’t suit me. Upon my quest for natural beauty products, I stumbled across Bare Pure Beauty and I instantly fell in love with their products.

Bare Pure Beauty

Bare Pure Beauty is a Bangalore based brand that advocates products prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients and handcrafted with love!  Their product line includes face packs, ubtan, conditioning soaps and lip balms.

Here are some of the most remarkable products that I tried from **Bare Pure Beauty**:

Bare Pure Beauty

Bare Pure Beauty Cocoa and Shea Butter Lip Balm: Priced at Rs 150

Made with decadent cocoa and ultra-nourishing Shea butter, it’s the perfect high-intensity treatment for your lips! It is the ultimate defense against chapped lips. It leaves a mild brownish tint.

Bare Pure Beauty Lime and Sweet Orange Lip Balm:Priced at Rs 150

One will definitely enjoy the Luscious Tangy Goodness in this all natural Lime and Sweet Orange 🍊 lip balm! I simply use this product and don’t even apply a lipstick. It goes clear without any tint and smells awesome. It definitely protects and nourishes the lips.

Bare Pure Beauty

Bare Pure Beauty Cocoa Face Mask: Priced at Rs 199

This Roasted Coffee & Decadent Cocoa Face Mask leaves a supple glow post use. Cocoa acts as skin food while coffee helps gently exfoliate skin. It is packed with Assorted Clays [Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin Clay, and Morrocan Rhassoul Clay], and Sandalwood Essential Oil. Ideal for all skin types.

Net Weight: 14gms | Lasts for 4 uses.

How to Use: Mix 1 teaspoon of the mask with water and apply a thin layer to your face. Rinse off after 10-15 minutes before fully dry.

Bare Pure Beauty Cocoa Ubtan: Priced at Rs 199

This Roasted Coffee & Cocoa Ubtan gently exfoliates and polishes your skin for a natural glowing look!  It contains Roasted Cashews, Almonds, Pistachio, Cocoa, Coffee and Sandalwood Essential Oil. Lasts for 4 uses.

Bare Pure Beauty

Bare Pure Beauty Peppermint Summer Soap: This is the perfect soap for summer. It helps to remove body odour and bacteria. Skin feels so refreshed after using it. Priced at Rs 250

Bare Pure Beauty Rolled Oatmeal and Cocoa Soap: Priced at Rs 250

The Rolled Oatmeal and Decadent Cocoa soap bar is made from pure Cocoa and Rolled Oat. It contains the goodness of anti-oxidants to leave the skin feeling soft and nourished! I find the soap very hydrating and it smells great. It doesn’t dry out my skin due to the presence of beeswax, mango butter, and essential oils. These soaps are skin friendly and not at all harsh.

Bare Pure Beauty Activated Charcoal and Teatree Soap: Priced at Rs 299

The Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree soap bar is a great way to detox the skin. It cleanses the skin well and removes impurities.

Bare Pure Beauty Bare Pure Beauty Bare Pure Beauty

The packaging is eco-friendly and cute. Use discount coupon WELCOMETOBARE at checkout to get FLAT Rs. 150 off your first order!

Note: The products featured in this post are press samples but I choose to only review products I truly use and like. Honest Review as always.