Snailed It – Reelle France Snail Extracts Whitening Cream Review !!
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Snailed It – Reelle France Snail Extracts Whitening Cream Review !!

PR Sample

I reviewed the Reelle France Snail Extracts Serum and Cleansing Gel here. By this time, you will be familiar with the brand Reelle. I am going to review the Reelle France Snail Extracts Whitening Cream. Reelle brand needs no introduction.You can check the previous posts here and here or their website for more details.

Product Claim:
5% of 100% pure snail extract composes our Réelle’s skincare Whitening cream (20g).
Snail secretion, as such an ingredient, cannot lighten your skin but the glycolic acid that it contains will help clean your skin and get rid of the dead cells that darken your skin. However, by using our whitening cream, you will get all the benefits that a snail extract based extract based skin care product can offer: our cream will help you fight acne and aging, by nourishing your skin and providing collagen and elastin while dissolving your dead cells and helping the creation of new, healthy cells.

Concerning Whitening effect, the extract that we use in our lightening cream is the “pinus palustris bark extract”. This bark extract is obtained from one specific pine species. This natural extract contains tyrosinase inhibitors. Tyrosinase is an enzyme which is responsible of plants or vegetables oxidation; for example, if you think about a peeled potato, it will get slowly darker and turn black. The reason for this change is the tyrosinase enzym. For humans, a mutation of their tyrosinase gene will result in albinism.

What makes Pinus Palustris bark extract useful in whitening human skin is arbutin. This element will block or slow down the production of melanin and then, your skin will get lighter. Our cream will also help extenuate dark marks on your skin.
Réelle’s Whitening cream is particularly effective for melasma treatment. Our natural lightening cream will help your face while our body gel can be the solution for your similar skin body problems.
Benefits of our Réelle ‘s Whitening Cream :
  • Contains 5% of 100% pure Snail Extract
  • Enhance whitening effect.
  • Removes impurities and residual rough skin.
  • Reduces the production of melanin.
  • Inhibits melanin release by suppressing the tyrosinase enzyme.
  • Block or sedate the production of melanin.
  • Enriches and softens your skin.
  • Eliminating dead cells.
  • Does not irritate your skin
Instructions for Use:
1. Réelle’s Skincare Whitening cream will be the last step of your moisturizing routine. You should always use successive small amounts, if needed. Your skin has most likely been nourished by several products if you have been using our cleansing, toner or serum before so wait until those have been absorbed fully before you apply the cream .
2. With your fingers, apply our lightening cream on your forehead and massage outwards.
3. Once it is done, you can apply our cream on your nose, starting at its top, massaging to the nostrils and finishing at your temples.
4. You can then apply our cream above your mouth and massage to your cheeks.
5. Finally, you will apply it below your mouth, massaging to your chin. You can apply our lightening cream on your neck if you want.
6. Réelle’s Whitening cream can be used in the morning and at night before bed time.


• Water
• Mineral Oil
• 5% Pure Snail secretion filtrate

• Glyceryl stearate
• Stearic acid
• Ceteareth-6

• Glycerin
• Ceteareth-25
• Polysorbate 60
• Methylpropanediol
• Ethylhexylglycerin
• Fragrance

Price: £ 33
My Take on the Product:

Reelle France Snail Extracts whitening cream comes in a pot packaging. The pot looks like a precious stone. The packaging looks royal and is made of frosted glass.The lid of the cream looks like a gem with the white marble like stone. The packaging is cute and sturdy but no so travel friendly as it is prone to breakage if accidently dropped.
When you open it, you’ll see a lid. The lid prevents the product from going all over the cap.The pot holds 20 ml of the product. The quantity is very less for the price you pay. You need to dab only a small amount per use but still it will get consumed quickly.
The cream has a thick consistency and a buttery soft texture. The cream is off white in colour and has a non bothersome smell. The ingredients list is limited and not scary.The cream gets absorbed by the skin quickly and it keeps the skin drenched with enough moisturization. The cream is non sticky but it might feel a little greasy on oily skin. It does make your skin oily but greasy as it gives more hydration than a regular moisturizer.The cream doesn’t look patchy or leave any white cast on application.
Many of us has a wrong perception when it comes to whitening claim. We actually interpret the term as fairness but in reality whitening creams doesn’t make you fair or look young with white skin. The creams act against the dark spots and hyper pigmentation due to over production of melanin.
The cream contains lightening ingredients like Pinus bark extract and Arbutin. After two months of use, I can say that the blemishes have lightened and the pigmentation around cheeks due to sun damage have become less visible. I am sure this cream is works and it will take a month more to see actual results.It also reduces tan considerably. The cream gives a at home facial kind of result when you use it everyday. The best way to use this is as a final step in your routine before you sleep.
  • No pungent smell
  • Skin Lightening Properties
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Gentle
  • Moisturizing
  • Absorbed by the skin quickly
  • True to the claims
  • 5% Snail Extract
  • No breakouts
  • Safe to use
  • Expensive
  • Quantity is less for the price
  • Jar packaging is unhygienic.
  • Wish it came with a spatula
  • Greasy
Rating: 4/5
Recommendation:   Recommend for hyper pigmentation and dark spots.
Final Word:

Just like Rome was not built in a day, you cant expect whitening creams to work in a day. Reelle Products are quality products. This is not a magical cream but it helps to  solve skin problems like blemishes,dark spots, hyper pigmentation etc. on regular use. It helps in skin regeneration.
You can buy Reelle Products here with free shipping :

Disclaimer – Everyone’s skin is different and the product may react differently on your skin type.
Thank You for reading 🙂