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gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Stay Hydrated with Gulp Fruit Infuser Bottle !

Hello All,

To prevent dehydration and stay healthy, one needs to consume adequate water. We need to intake at least 8 cups of water per day. Moreover, we should change the water consumption habits as per the lifestyle and seasonal changes.

If you have a hard time drinking enough water like me every day due to your crazy hectic routine, then buying a good water bottle will help you to be on track. I prefer a fruit infuser instead of regular water bottles because fruit infuser is a great way to detox. I stopped craving for lemonades and sugary soft drinks after trying a few infused water recipes.

I got this gulp! Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Platinum Edition. The bottle holds up to 1000 ml of any fluid. The gulp fruit infuser is priced at Rs 1000.

gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

You can use gulp infuser water bottle to try various flavors from lemon to mint. One can create unlimited flavor sensations with their free ebook  ‘235’ RECIPES! As I told you before, gulp Fruit Infuser is a great way to free your body from toxins. This gulp water bottle comes with a removable infuser so that you can add your favorite fruits and drink with confidence. You can carry the gulp fruit infuser anywhere you go and quench your thirst. The bottle is BPA free.

After I have tried unique fruit infusions; I never want to go back to ready-made drinks. This bottle is a perfect companion to my daily routine!  Infused water is full of natural nutrients and has no calories. It aids in weight loss, helps digestion, boots metabolism, minimizes workout/cramps fatigue and improves mood swings. Infused Water is a healthier choice when compared to carbonated drinks. GULP water bottle helps you to stay nourished, fresh & hydrated.

gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Platinum Edition gulp!™ Fruit Infuser Water Bottle features:

  • Ergonomic Flip-top lid: The lid is custom designed with a clean fit and spout that prevents leaks.
  • Anti Sweat Neoprene Sleeve: You don’t need any additional carry bag. This case protects your bag from getting wet caused by condensation of your detox drink. The anti-sweat sleeve absorbs moisture protecting your belongings.
  • Detachable Hydrogel ball with Infuser rod: Gulp Fruit Infuser Water bottle comes with a removable hydrogel Ice freezer ball to keep your detox drink cold for longer periods.
  • Stainless Steel Protein Shaker/Mixer ball: The mixer dissolves your protein shake supplements quickly and completely. Just place the mixer ball in your empty gulp Fruit Infuser Water bottle and shake the ingredients. Perfect for protein shakes & making smoothies.
  • Re-usable & Detachable Scratch-proof Cleaning Brush: The brush is designed to clean your gulp Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.
  • gulp Fruit Infuser Water bottle comes with a FREE E-Warranty for Customers.

Gulp comes with instructions of use, details of accessories and tips.  Gulp is really handy and you will never forget to refill water at work or office, in the gym or during sports. I like the compact product package.  gulp Fruit infuser water bottles are built with Premium High-Quality BPA Free Eastman Tritan which is food grade safe and provides odorless and no plastic aftertaste. BPA Free Eastman Tritan ensures its durability, re-usability and is shatter-proof. gulpFruit infuser water bottles are Ribbon gift-wrapped and packaged with the idea of wishing health to you or your dear ones.  My search for a perfect fruit infuser ends here. Honestly, Gulp is the best fruit infuser I have used. Thank you GULP.

Find GULP! on Instagram here.

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