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Tips & Toes Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish Snow Sparkles Review !!

PR Sample

Tips and Toes is an affordable cosmetics brand from India. I have seen my friends using their products like eyeliner, nail polish etc. but I never got a chance to try any product from this brand.
I have seen so many bloggers raving about glitter nail paints in the foreign blogs.In India we have limited options. The OPI ones are always out of stock here. Most of the girls love glitter nail paints.
Recently, Maybelline launched its glitter nail polish collection and so did Tips and Toes with their Red Carpet Gel Polish Collection. Luckily, I got to try the shade Snow Sparkles from the collection. Yay!! Something different from the usual ones. A Big Yayyyy !! This is the first ever product that I am trying from this brand.
So let’s move to the review of Tips & Toes Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish Snow Sparkles.

Product Claim:

A high end gel, texture, glitters and nail art top coats for the woman who wants to feel royal! Experience the Red Carpet feel with our TIPS & TOES Red Carpet Nail Polish.
Features of the Range:
  • Trendy fashionable concept
  • Eye catching shades
  • Easy to apply at home. So no need to go to parlour for any professional touch or costly nail arts.
  • Specially designed flat brush for better application and perfect finishing.
  • Be your own professional nail designer
  • Makes you feel royal like a STAR! Be a crowd puller…

Price: 225 INR for 9 ml
Shelf Life: 36 months
Shades: 23

My Take on the Product:

The Products comes in a transparent square shaped glass bottle similar to the normal nail paints with a flat applicator. Yes, the applicator is flat and not round. The Gel nail polish is easy to apply and the applicator helps in a precise application to spread the nail polish evenly.
The packaging is simple and nothing fancy.
The formula of the polish is thin and the consistency is runny. The brand says it’s textured but it’s not fully opaque. It is somewhat on the sheer side tough not very sheer and you need atleast 2-3 coats to get a bold shade without any base.
I noticed that this polish dries pretty quickly compared to the other ones. The polish is decently pigmented. It doesn’t get chipped off easily and lasts long except for a negligible fading on the tips.
The nail polish comes off easily even with a low quality nail remover and this particular shade leaves no stain behind. I get clean nails once I wipe it off.
The applicator doesn’t shed hair and the packaging is strong coz I accidentally dropped it and nothing happened to the bottle. The bottle shuts tightly without any leakage.
The quality of the nail polish is good and I love this shade.
Snow Sparkles is a shiny silver shade with a lot of tiny blue glitters. It just reminds me of Christmas somehow. It gives a starry effect with a glossy finish.
The effect when the nail polish moves inside the bottle is very nice and I kept playing with it.
The formula is good and it glides smoothly.
  • Easy to apply
  • Useful Applicator
  • Decent Packaging
  • Good Quality
  • Gel Formula
  • Thin & Runny
  • Glossy & Glittery – Starry Effect
  • Dries Quickly
  • Long Lasting
  • Cool Shades

  • A bit pricey compared to others
  • Availability
  • Not Fully Opaque
  • Takes 2-3 Coats if base coat not used


Recommendation: Highly Recommended !!

Final Word: I like this shade coz it suits me. I think this polish is great!!