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Travel Backpack from SunDriftStore !

Hello All,

Backpacks are a must-have for anyone who is passionate about travel. I love travelling and I had to cancel all the scheduled travel plans due to Covid-19 Pandemic. I really wish the situation returns to normal soon.

While browsing through Instagram, a cute printed girly backpack by Sundriftstore popped up on my feed, I was super keen to try it.

Note: I received a bag from SunDrift to review but all opinions are entirely my own.

One can’t deny that there isn’t a range of backpacks available for women in the market. Most of them are masculine, boring, and designed for hiking than for travel enthusiasts. The idea for the Sundrift Backpacks came from Fiona’s personal frustrations with a lack of backpacks. While on a solo backpacking trip to Sri Lanka she discovered she wasn’t alone as other female backpackers had the same complaints. Unhappy with her backpack while travelling, Fiona Parfrey based out of Blackrock was inspired to design a backpack tailored for the female form but suitable for anyone. It started as a DIY and today retails as a brand “SunDrift”.


I could relate to this because many times I have felt my backpack too uncomfortable during travel. Fiona’s Sundrift backpacks are sustainable as they’re made out of recycled plastic (PET).

The Sundriftstore backpacks (cost €199 currently €169 on s) weigh 1.2kg. The straps are adjustable, the front straps can be moved up and down vertically. The backpack can hold 55 liters which is the perfect size, whether for a short weekend trip or a month-long trip. The Sundrift backpack is lightweight and durable with lots of different compartments and secret pockets. SunDrift travel gear that is light on the back and easy on the planet. SunDrift Backpacks are designed to fit female curves comfortably, have built-in safety features (such as a whistle), and easy 360-degree accessibility. There is a built-in SunDrift rain cover to ensure your gear stays dry, lockable zippers, padded hip belt, and shoulder pads. The breathable back frame is adjustable to fit your height and also expandable with a mesh back system providing great ventilation when backpacking in warmer climates. The backpack can be opened from the top but also boasts a suitcase-style opening for convenience.


What attracted me to Sundrift is the color. The backpacks, mostly greenish-blue, have a panel on them. One of them has a yellow panel with little cactus plants on it (Mogotio). The other option is a pink panel, decorated with palm trees (Panglao).


Dimensions – The backpack measurements are 23 x 12 x 3 inches. When it is filled to the brim using the adjustable straps it can measure up to 29 x 14 x 9 inches.

For every tenth backpack bought, a tree is planted by the brand in order to offset the CO2 emissions involved.

The backpack is suitable for anyone who is into the outdoors and travelling, and at the same time prefers eco-friendly shopping and a sustainable lifestyle. Honestly, my search for the perfect backpack as a woman ends here. Thanks to SunDriftStore.




If you’re interested in getting one, check out their website – https://sundriftstore.com/

FREE Shipping on orders over €50 and you can get 10% off when you signup. Sundrift also sells other products like absorbent towels, flasks, face masks etc.

Image Courtesy -SunDrift (except the watermarked ones).