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V Wash Plus Intimate Wash Review


Intimate hygiene is very important for woman of all ages.Most women believe that using soap or only water during bathing is sufficient for their daily intimate hygiene. However, these are not the only cleansing agents.For women, it’s also about taking care of the hygiene of their most intimate area – the vagina. Ironically, this is the one area that’s often neglected the most.Ignorance can lead to complications and health problems.

Today I am reviewing one such cleansing agent which helps to maintain the pH and prevent bacterial infections in the intimate areas.

Product Claim:
VWash Plus is an expert hygiene wash product specially designed for a woman’s intimate needs. Its special Lactic Acid formula; infused with tea tree oil & sea buckthorn oil, helps maintain the pH balance of the vagina, prevents itchiness, irritation, dryness & leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

Price & Quantity: Rs.140 for 100ml

Shelf Life: 2 years

Ingredients: as below

Directions for use:

VWash can be applied by pouring a few drops onto your palm & gently massaging the external area of your vagina. Rinse thoroughly with water after application.

My Experience:

The product comes in a plastic white bottle with a pink cap and hints of blue and silver on it.The outer carton contains all the description.The bottle is sturdy.The products has a thin flowy consistency and has no particular colour to it as it is clear and has a gel like formula.The smell is so refreshing.It has a pleasant fragrance which I like a lot.It lathers well and the smell is very mild.It didn’t cause me any irritations.The whole packaging looks clinical but I like the fuchsia touch to it.

I had got rashes and itching due to dryness and It was then I started testing and using this product.It left my skin soothed.It leaves a cooling sensation which doesn’t last long and makes you feel clean.It prevents the growth of bacteria and infections.

The product does nothing else but its okay because the sole purpose of the product is to keep the private areas clean and bacteria free and maintain the pH balance.It does what it claims and I am happy with this product from Glenmark.


  • Easy to use and hygienic
  • Enriched with tea tree and sea buckthorn oil
  • Safe to use
  • Cleanses and protects against infections
  • Mild refreshing smell
  • Gentle on skin
  • No irritation
  • Maintains pH balance
  • Only coin sized amount is required per use and hence it is long lasting
  • Affordable as far as I am concerned.
  • Available online and in medical shops


  • Some people might feels its expensive for the quantity provided but its worth it.
  • I wish the smaller versions of this product were available in small tubes/sachets to make it easy to carry.
  • Description and details is given in very tiny font which makes it difficult to read for some people
  • Some people might feel lazy or less interested as it as an additional step and extra efforts are required.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase? Definitely

Recommendation: I highly recommend this to woman who are keen about intimate hygiene.

Final Word: I personally feel that out of all the intimate washes I have tried, Vwash is the best.It is true to its claim.It can be used even during your periods & leaves no side effects.VWash Plus can be applied during any time of the day.VWash Plus leaves you feeling comfortable & fresh all day long.

Check out http://www.vwash.com/Disclaimer : Product sent by the brand for review purpose

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