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Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Rose Sandal Face Wash Review!

PR Sample

Hello Pretties,
I am a huge fan of gel based face washes. I was looking for something light to use in the mornings. I came across Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Rose Sandal Facewash.
This face wash contains Rose Flower Oil which treats dry and sensitive skin,Sandal Wood Oil that draws out the excessive heat and keeps the skin cool and Aloe Vera Gel which promotes cell growth and healing.
I was excited to try a cleanser that’s organic, with these benefits. Lets go to the review now …

Product Claim:

This mild cleanser comes from the finest botanicals to wash away dirt and oil, leaving skin clean and fresh. The healing properties of Sandal wood oil repair skin and soothe irritation while steam distilled, pure essential rose oil improves blood circulation. making face softens and brightens the skin.
Price: Rs 185 for 100ml
Shelf Life: 2 years
Ingredients: Rosa, Santalum Album, Crocus Sativus, Purified Water & Gel base Q.S.
Directions for Use:

Apply to wet face.Massage into skin with upward motions.Rinse well finishing with cold water.Follow with moisturizer
My Take:

The face wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle that has a white pump dispenser. The packaging is comfortable and simple. It is hygienic and the packaging is effective though it is somewhat bulky for travel purposes.
The face wash is a light rose coloured gel and it smells of pure rose and fresh sandal. It has a soothing herbal scent. Its quite a runny clear texture. It takes only a pea sized amount for the face and it is long lasting. The bottle is going to last for more than three months. It is decently priced and anyone can afford it.
The face wash is mild and gentle. I find it calming and relaxing. It lathers well and it cleanses my face well. I dont find much dirt in the cotton while following up with toner after using this.My facial skin feels soft and supple. The face wash consists of only natural goodness and has no harsh chemicals. It us safe to use and paraben free.
My skin feels clear. It adds an instant glow and gives immediate brightening effect though it is not permanent. It lifts up my dull looking tired face.This face wash has never broke me out till date. My skin feels soft and supple. It doesn’t dry out skin due to its hydrating nature. My acne and blemishes have reduced. The light weighted formulation doesn’t block my pores.
My skin feels less congested now which is a huge plus. It removes oil,dirt and grime well. It removes makeup but it is not strong enough to get rid of water proof makeup. During sunny days, it doesn’t help that well to combat shine or excess sebum.
I love to use this daily in the morning as I start my day. This is one of the best natural face wash I have ever tried.
  • Cleanses the skin well
  • Mild and gentle 
  • Adds brightness and glow
  • Comfortable packaging
  • No breakouts and irritations
  • 100 % natural and organic
  • Comes with the goodness of Rose and sandal wood oil
  • Does not dry out the skin as it is hydrating
  • non overpowering pleasant scent
  • Paraben free
  • Affordable price tag
  • Easy availability in all e portals
  • Long lasting
  • Lathers well
  • Refreshing and soothing
  • Hygienic Pump Dispenser
  • My skin doesn’t feel tight
  • Doesn’t remove strong makeup
  • Doesn’t help to combat shine and sebum on very hot sunny days. You might have to reuse this in that case.

Overall Thoughts:

I love it! I love the not so super sweet, yet not too strong rose smell. If you like florals and roses, you will like it. The packaging is pretty simple.
It cleanses extremely well and leaves my skin feeling bright, clean, and balanced. If you are looking for a mild, hydrating and soothing facewash, this one is apt for you. It suits all skin types but works best on  sensitive or combination skin. It also works well with any facial brush.
About Vedantika:
Established in 1997, Vedantika is known for being a purely organic company that launched many innovative products in the market. All products have the highest level of purity without using any chemical preservatives, synthetic colours and fragrances. For more details and products,you can check out their Website and Facebook page.