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VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review !!

Hey All,

VLCC is a leading Indian healthcare company with a range of Skincare and Hair care products. I had tried their Slimming Gels (Shape Up) and Facial Kits before and the results were average. I had reviewed VLCC Enchanting Eyes Kajal here. The Kajal is one of their best sellers.

I travel daily and my skin gets dull owing to high pollution factor. Hence, using a good face wash everyday 2-3 times as a part of my CTM regime is inevitable. Today I am presenting you my review of VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash. It claims to be soap free and contains cacti and litchi as the key ingredients.

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

Product Description:

Facial skin needs daily cleansing and moisture balance to stay smooth and hydrated.This gentle yet intensive soap-free face wash is enriched with Cacti & Litchi as natural cleansers. It penetrates deep into the skin, detoxifies and clears skin of dirt and other impurities. It retains skin’s natural moisture balance while deeply hydrating leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

– Suitable for normal to dry skin

Price: Rs 230 for 150 ml. Shelf Life36 months.


Direction for Use:

Moisten face and neck and gently massage all over. Rinse off and pat dry. Use daily, morning and evening. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

My Take on the Product:

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash comes packaged in a plastic squeeze tube with a flip cap. The cap shuts tightly and there is no product leakage. The bulky size of the tube makes it difficult to carry the facewash in our bags. The face wash is off white in color. Once you open the cap, face wash dispenses automatically without the need to press the tube. The facewash has a runny consistency. The texture is like a gel.

It has a mild fragrance with Litchis dominating the scent. The smell was not bothersome and doesn’t linger post washing. The face wash is very cooling on the skin.

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

A pea sized amount of face wash is sufficient to clean entire face and neck. The tube will easily last for 3 months.  The cleansing action of this face wash is remarkable. It removes all dust and dirt. It also helps in getting rid of my daily basic makeup like kohl, BB cream and lip balm. It doesn’t dry out skin. It is gentle on face as it is soap free. The face wash is suitable for normal to dry skin. The Face Wash retains the natural moisture of the skin plus deeply hydrating it. Facial Skin feels clean, refreshed and supple. It did not break me out. My pores were clean too. The face wash doesn’t create much lather .

VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash Review

Overall, VLCC Cacti & Litchi Gentle Hydrating Face Wash is a  decent soap free face cleanser worth giving a try. It has definitely reduced my skin flakes.

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