Wingreens Farms Organic Dips !!
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wingreens farms products

Wingreens Farms Organic Dips !!

Hello All,

Wingreens Farms is an online store for fresh and healthy food products. Their range of products include Dips, Chips, Spreads, Butters, Hummus and Tea.

I tried the following dips:
  • Creamy Herb
  • Chitpole
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Peri Peri Salsa
  • Basil Pesto
  • Garlic

 wingreens farms products

Creamy Herb – Rs 200 for 180g. This dip is creamy, flavourful and great in salads or as a dip! Shelf Life: 60 days (refrigerated).

Chitpole – Rs 200 for 180g. Wingreens Farms Chipotle Dip is a spicy dip that goes well with your sandwich or chip desires.You can also use this dip as a side dish to your fish or prawns, tuna salad, fish tacos, or as a marinade at your barbecue party. The main ingredient is Red Chilli and its highlight is the extra spicy flavour and creamy texture. All dips come with a shelf life of 90 days.

Basil Pesto – Priced at Rs 250 for 150g. This dip is made fresh every single day. The pesto provides you with the perfect balance between the fresh farm vegan-friendly Basil leaves and roasted nuts. It is a sinful delight and you are sure to lick the box clean. Pesto is rich in Vitamins & Minerals like Iron and Manganese. You can add it to your pizzas, pastas, soups, lasagnas, burgers, sandwiches, salads and much more. It can also be used as a delicious dipping sauce. The Ingredients include Basil, Mixed Nuts. The texture is robust and the flavour is savoury. Shelf Life: 30 days (refrigerated)

Garlic – This one is a low-fat, curd based dip. Garlic Dip is a perfect, creamy accompaniment for any snack. The dip is irresistible due to its super rich flavour and perfect texture. Garlic is known for its health benefits like to reduce blood pressure, protect the heart, combat allergies and to treat skin infections. Garlic Dip can be used with salads, sandwiches chips, and almost everything in between. The ingredients include Hung Curd, Garlic, Green capsicum. 100 grams of this dip has just 40 calories. Shelf Life: 30 days (refrigerated). Priced at Rs 200 for 150g.

Jalapeno Cheese – Rs 250 for 150g. This yummy dip combines the mouth-watering spicy flavor of jalapenos smoothly with a mellow cheesy base. This product is one of our best sellers. Jalapenos are a rich source of Vitamin C and capsaicin. This can be used as a dip or a spread with pita bread, nachos, bruschetta, crackers, and chips or to add a spicy, cheesy twist to any dish. The Main Ingredients are Cheese, Jalapenos.  Shelf Life: 30 days (refrigerated)

Peri Peri Salsa – Peri Peri Salsa is a zesty hot flavour. The spiciness of the peri peri compliments the tangy, sweet and spicy taste of tomato salsa. A healthy choice like this never tasted so good. This dip is Vegan-Friendly.  Priced at Rs 200 for 150g.

 wingreens farms products  wingreens farms products  wingreens farms products  wingreens farms products

Wingreens Farm offers other dips variant like Fiery Desert Mustard, Creamy Peanut Butter, Spicy Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Moroccan Harissa, Dill TZATZIKI, Olive Hummus and more. Wingreens Farm currently ships across India through reputed courier agencies carefully packed in an insulated box with reusable ice packs designed to maintain your items in good condition for up to 48 hours. Wingreens Farm Dips are made with a unique blend of farm grown herbs. Do checkout their products and order your favorite dips online !!  I really enjoyed these Wingreens Farms Dips !! Wingreens Farms Dips are organic and fresh !!

** PR Samples. Honest Review !!