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Za True White Emulsion Review

Za True White Emulsion Review!

Hello everyone,

I have been using the Za true white range for my skin care namely this Za True White Emulsion and Za True White Exfoliating Clay Mask. I am impressed by the Quality and results of these products. Za is a total beauty brand offering various beauty solutions like skincare, makeup and men’s grooming products. Za (pronounced as Zi-ei) was launched in India recently by the Japanese Beauty Brand Sheseido. Za’s complete skincare range is the result of cutting-edge Japanese technology, including the ground-breaking 4MSK, Prism Enhancer and Triangle Technology, all continuously developed and researched by leading Skin Scientists. Let me share a quick review on the Za True White Emulsion.

Za True White Emulsion Review

Product Claims:

This Feather-light, non-oily Emulsion easily permeates into the skin to give translucency, brightness, even-tone while replenishing moisture levels for an incredibly soft and smooth skin.

Za True White Emulsion Review


Rs 899 for 125 mL

Za True White Emulsion Review

How to Use:

Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after toner. Slowly apply the Emulsion from the center of the face outwards.


4MSK, Vitamin C derivatives (AMP and VC-IP), Prism Enhancer, Trehalose, Natural Spring Water, White Lily Extract

Za True White Emulsion Review

Availability: Stores & Nykaa online

My Take on the Product:

Za True White Emulsion comes in a long hourglass shaped Za’s signature curvy white plastic bottle with a screw cap. No pump is provided for dispensing the product from the bottle but the opening of bottle is perfectly sized and is leak proof. The font on the bottle is pink and the Za lettering has a metallic finish to it. The packaging is simple, travel friendly and classy. I have nothing to complain about its packaging. The opening dispenses only a little amount of product for each use. Dab the bottle as many times as you require to get the product out.

Za True White Emulsion Review

The best thing about Za Products is their heavenly fragrance. The scent is pleasant and luxurious like high end products.  I am in love with the scent which is mild and non-bothersome. The scent is fresh and floral.

Za True White Emulsion Review

The consistency of this emulsion is like that of a serum. Za True White Emulsion is a moisturizer which can be used daily. The serum is white and appears like a thick gel. It spreads effortlessly and gets absorbed quickly into the skin leaving slight dewy finish on the skin. It dries up completely into the skin after some 5-10 mins. The moisturizer is water based and hence it suits all skin type like Oily, Sensitive, Dry or Normal. You just need to make sure that you are using only the required quantity and not more than that. If you use more, it appears oily on your face.

Za True White Emulsion Review

The emulsion is light weighted and feels so refreshing during summers.  It is hydrating. I use it two times a day – in the morning and at night after cleansing and toning. This emulsion didn’t irritate my skin and I didn’t get any breakouts.

Za True White Emulsion Review

The quantity you get is great and the price tag is also consumer friendly.  Za range is affordable and this bottle will easily last you 3-4 months. The formula is amazing and the quality is fab. The results are awesome too.

This product really works and makes a difference to the skin. I have no pigmentation issues but I have light blemishes and open pores due to acne.  I carried it and used it during my trip to water theme park and to my surprise it prevented my fair skin from getting tanned from hot sun. It brightens my complexion and fades the scars. The lotion itself is non greasy. I use it on my neck too so that it doesn’t look darker than my face. This emulsion evens out my skin tone. My skin tone has turned 1X lighter and fairer.

Za True White Emulsion Review

This product adds a glow to my face and gives me a radiant complexion. The product is true to its claims.  I will definitely be repurchasing it again. I got healthy glowing smooth supple skin with the Za True White Emulsion. The only down side is that it gives me white heads at times on my oily skin as it clogs my pores sometimes (not always). It doesn’t have any SPF and has alcohol & Dimethicone.

Za True White Emulsion Review

Za True White Emulsion is an apt product for taking care of the skin in summer time.  It becomes more essential to carry it when you are travelling every day or going through the harsh pollutants.

Get truly luminous and radiant skin that shines from within with Za True White range. If you are unsure which Za range or products suit you, you can drop by their stores and chat with the Skin Advisors.

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