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Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses in Colors !

Hello Fashionistas,

Many of us wont have any idea about the colour dress we should be wearing at the Prom. Choosing the right color is indeed overwhelming. There are so many colors to pick from. If you say pink, you have hundreds of pink not one.

Here is a simple guide to help you pick the best color for your homecoming and prom dresses.

There are three basic factors that you need to know in order to get the right color namely skin tone, hair color and preference. Skintone is how you will look in a particular shade of color. One needs to understand warm colors and cool colors. If you have yellow skin undertones for instance, then you wont like any pale shades. Hair colors like brunettes, highlights or blondes will also have a greater influence on the color of your dress.  Preference is how you feel in a particular dress. It is you wearing the dress, not the dress wearing you! Analyse your eye color too.

Note down the examples by having a look at some images of red carpet events and  celebrities with cool tones and warm tones. See what kind of dress they’re wearing and whether it suits them well. This will give you an idea.

If you are a warm-toned girl, choose shades of yellow, warm reds, oranges, whites, browns, greenish-yellows, creams and camels. If you are a cool-toned girl, you will be vibrant in blacks, blues, rich greens, purples, pinks, bluish-greens, fuchsias and reds with a blue base.

Just the dress alone doesnt matter. It is how you pull the overall look together. Your dress should be gorgeous and comfortable and it should suit you.

Picking the right color needs a little planning in advance. We will get inspired and discover that there are plenty of affordable Cheap Red Prom Dresses and Cheap White Prom Dresses that are perfect and leaves a good impression.

When in doubt, you can wear black. Black prom dress conveys the image of “sophistication”. Grey is distinguished in the fashion events and is great for those who wont prefer to wear colour. Try gold fabrics for a classic look.

Electric bright neon hues are popular and will definitely be attention-getters. Imagine what will the decor be like at the prom and dress accordingly. A modern peppy environment will scream for metallic, gold, silver and magenta colours. A classy old-world theme might need a softer, pastel shades. Last but not the least, do not try to outshine your partner and always wear your smile !!