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Romantaque Hair Minimising Lotion Review – “Hair free Skin, Rejoice the Glow of Confidence”

How many of us would have wished for a product which helps in hair minimising without causing any pain and making a hole in the pocket with high end treatments.

Today I am going to review one such product.


Romantaque stands for Hair Destroyer. Inspired from ancient Indian language of Ayurveda, i.e Sanskrit;‘Rom’ means Hair, and ‘Antak’ means destroyer. ‘Romantaque’ – is destroyer of Hair.

Romantaque is designed for unwanted hair on arms, legs, face (chin, upper lip and side locks), underarms, eyebrows, ear lobes (pinna) and bikini line.

Romantaque in latest version, is powered by latest technology, (which is waiting for grant of patent) to enhance the speed of the treatment, and to fight the doggedness of hair to grow back. This hair follicle targeted cutting edge technology delivers the actives of Romantaque precisely to the hair follicle making it highly efficient in reducing the hair re-growth. Consistency to apply Romantaque by the user, twice a day for 10 days, after each hair removal cycle, would certainly show wonderful results.

Romantaque is designed to get absorbed through the orifice of the hair to the hair root (hair follicle) and influence the hair manufacturing factory, without affecting other skin structures. Hence it is very important to apply it on normal intact skin so as to avoid its contact with skin structures which are exposed when the skin has cuts, abrasions, wound and fresh scar.




1.Patch test is necessary to be done by first time users as well as when used on a new body part.

2.For best results, unwanted hair should be removed from the root e.g. by waxing, plucking, threading, epilation. Even Depilation will do but the effect will take longer to take.

3.Allow any adverse reaction caused by hair removal to subside completely, before applying Romantaque.

4.After every hair removal, apply Romantaque for 10 days – twice a day to the normal intact skin.

5.Apply directly onto the skin spreading the lotion evenly to a thin layer. It gets absorbed into the skin like a moisturizer.

6.If necessary, wash the area only after 30 minutes of application.

For best results apply Romantaque Lotion after each hair removal session twice a day for 10 days.

PRICE : Rs 1500 for 50 gm

WHERE TO BUY : http://www.tradus.com/romantaque-hair-minimizing-lotion-reduces-regrowth/p/PPCMBS3PPUAX9XNQ




As soon as I received this product from the brand, I was doubtful about its claim but made up my mind to give it a try.

The product comes in a flip cap white coloured tube with a green label.The lotion is white in color and is runny just like any other lotions.It has a light weighted texture. It has heavy floral kind of fragrance which may lead to headache for sensitive noses. It spreads easily and is absorbed by the skin.The packaging is simple,cute,sturdy and perfect for travel.

I used it for three weeks on the eyebrows and it worked for me.I used to thread my eyebrows once in 15 days but after i used this product , the growth has been reduced and I did threading only after a month.So , YESSSSS IT WORKSSS ……


True to its claim – Slows down Hair Growth

Little quantity is enough and it makes the product long lasting

Spreads easily on the skin and no negative reactions.Safe for use.

Gentle on skin and no oiliness.


Price is on the higher side.

The smell is not a pleasant mild one.


RATING: 4.4/5

FINAL VERDICT : It works and I would surely recommend this for girls with faster hair growth.

Happy hair riddance !!