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Bloom Ayur Shampoo & Hair Revitalizer Review

PR Sample

Bloom Shampoo Private Limited company manufactures natural hair care shampoo with organic vegetable oils and herbs. The company started its operations from April, 2012.
I consider claims in shampoo’s like Strong hair, Hairfall control etc as their marketing gimmicks and I dont believe in it. I was skeptical about the use of cooking grade vegetable oils in this Bloom shampoo and through googling I came to know its quite normal and usual.
After using two bottles of Bloom Shampoo, I can now trust what they say.Read this review to know why I like Bloom Ayur Shampoo and how far it is true to its claims.

Product Claim:

Bloom Ayur Shampoo is made, by adding potassium hydroxide (koh) to a mixture of cooking grade vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are made of fatty acids like oleic acid. When an alkali (koh in this case) is added to oil, the following reaction occurs. Fatty acid in oil (eg. Oleic acid in sun flower oil) + koh à potassium oleate (the soap ) + glycerol.
In most of the soaps and shampoos available in the market, glycerol (or glycerine) is removed by precipitation with common salt (and sold at a higher price for making lotions and moisturizers). Other additives are then added to enhance lather or provide conditioning. The end result is hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff and other allergies.

In Bloom Ayur Shampoo, glycerol is left in the shampoo itself. It therefore may make the hair feel a little sticky after a bath. The stickiness will be gone once the hair is dry. Usage of any kind of artificial conditioner has been avoided.  For conditioner again natural herbs has been identified and added to the shampoo.

Bloom Ayur Shampoo is made out of cooking grade vegetable oils only and animal fat is not used. The oils used for making bloom shampoo are infused with select herbs, which augment hair growth. The potassium hydroxide and boric acid used in the process are of very pure quality.

Try Bloom Ayur Shampoo for a minimum of 3 weeks. You will certainly notice that hair fall is controlled and hair growth occurs. It is recommended that the shampoo be used daily or even twice daily. Hair oil need not be used as the shampoo itself leaves your hair coated with a layer of moisturizing glycerine
Price: Rs 400.

My Take:

I tried this shampoo after oiling my hair, I tried the shampoo alone on my hair and I tried it with a conditioner to give the shampoo a proper testing.The shampoo is amber coloured and is a clear transparent one. It has a runny consistency and the texture is like a gel added with oils (more of a sticky creamy texture).
It has a typical smell that I havent smelt in any other products and sensitive noses may not like it. The smell is not pungent but at first I was not a big fan of the scent( may be due to the oils and pottasium). After using the shampoo so many times, I am used to this smell now and it is not a problem anymore.

My hair type is extremely dry and damaged.I used this after oiling and It was able to remove the excess oils out. I used the shampoo alone one more time. In both these cases it didnt strip my hair dry. The shampoo cleanses the scalp well without overdrying. It leaves no buildup or residue.
I didnt find the softness that other chemical shampoos leave but my hair was manageable. Natural Shampoos mostly make my hair dry but this shampoo was moisturising and hydrating. For that very soft feel on hair, I used Nature’s Republic natural conditioner/mask with Argan oil after the shampoo and it worked. I got smooth  frizz free hair.

As it contains oil, dandruff due to dry flaky hair reduced very much.My hair felt squeaky clean. It leaves a sticky coating on hair but it fades as soon as your hair dries. I expected it to be difficult to comb hair once done with the shampoo but i faced no issues. The shampoo only takes a small amount, spreads well once it gets in touch with water and lathers well. One bottle will last long.
It controls hair fall and hair breakage upto some extent and I can feel some new grown tiny hairs when I touch the scalp. This shampoo works for me and I am happy and satisfied with the results. There are no harsh ingredients and the shampoo is very true to what it claims.

  • True to its claims
  • Reduces hair breakage and dandruff
  • Doesnt strip out or overdry
  • Hydrating and moisturising
  • Little goes a long way
  • Lathers and spreads easily
  • No harsh ingredients
  • No buildup or residue
  • Acts as hair vitalizer and boosts hair growth
  • Affordable
  • Manageable hair
  • Cleanses well
  • Smell is something that sensitive noses wont like. It becomes OK when you are used to the smell.
  • It leaves a sticky coating but it fades once your hair is dry.
Overall Thoughts:

Bloom Ayur is the best shampoo for hair related issues like Dandruff, Hair Fall etc. It worked well for my hair type. A decent hydrating shampoo that is true to its claim. It promotes hair growth and reduces hairfall and breakage that happens due to chemical shampoos that strip your hair. My hair care routine now consists of using Bloom Ayurvedic Shampoo, MABH Hair Oil and Natures Republic Argan Mask. I like this shampoo and I recommend it to everyone who have hair care related problems. The shampoo can be used daily but I use it only in two or three days.This shampoo will suit all hair types. If you are interested, you can order this shampoo online via Bloom website and get it delivered to your home hassle free.