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Damaged to Damn Good Hair Challenge – Pantene Daily Moisture Repair !!


By now you would have come to know how much I love my hair and how much I invest in hair care products.You can read the story of my hair here in case you missed the post.I have switched over to natural products.But they are very mild and gentle and doesn’t leave the hair squeaky clean.So I use a non organic shampoo at least once a week to get rid of the dirt.I dont mind using the once a week coz rest of the days my hair is chemical free.I travel everyday to work and it takes more than 3 hours. Colouring,styling,blow drying etc has left my hair dry and frizzy with split ends.The cold weather has made it worse.

It was then I came across the Pantene daily moisture range in the ad which features Parineeti where she talks about damaged to damn good with Pantene.I decided to take the challenge and in this post I am going to review the products and the results it gave.



Now with the world’s very first Keratin Damage Blockers technology, use the shampoo daily to prevent damage and provide intense moisturization. Get up to 10X damage protection for healthier shinier hair*.

Conditioning after every shampoo nourishes hair by providing added lubrication all the way to the tips, leaving your hair soft, smooth and manageable.


Shampoo Rs 152 for 180 ml
Conditioner Rs 149 for 175 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years from MFG Date.

Ingredients: Click on the images below. ( 😛 lazy me)

Usage instructions: 

Massage the shampoo onto wet scalp or hair gently and rinse off thoroughly.After Shampoo,Massage the conditioner onto wet hair gently and rinse off thoroughly.Follow up with a leave on treatment or mask for best results.

4 Steps to damage free hair:
  • Cleanse ( Pantene Pro-v Daily Moisture Repair Shampoo)
  • Nourish ( Pantene Pro-v Daily Moisture Repair Conditioner)
  • Repair (Pantene Daily Moisture Repair Intensive Conditioner)
  • Protect (Pantene Daily Moisture Intensive Hair Mask)
Read the detailed instructions here : http://www.pantene.in/pages/regimen-step1.aspx

My take on the product:

The shampoo and conditioner comes in a white plastic bottle with golden flip cap.The label in it has hints of navy,gold and white colors.The packaging looks nice and classy.It’s travel friendly.

The shampoo is white in colour and has a creamy formula.The texture is smooth and soft.The conditioner is also white in color like the shampoo but its thicker in consistency.The shampoo has a creamy consistency which is not too thick or runny.
Both these products smell amazing.The conditioner stands only upside down.The product has all the instructions and information you need at its back side.
The shampoo lathers well and makes your hair squeaky clean and fresh.The conditioner helps to seal in the moisture in the hair and makes it nourished.It rinses off easily.My hair isnt weighed down.It is so light and gentle when used together.
This range works !! The perfect matching partners – Shampoo + Conditioner and it yields amazing results.


#1 – The product is very affordable and yet give results of high end salon / professional range of products.When I am super broke especially in the middle of the month I prefer doing a hair trim and using this product.Good Results + Save Bucks.
#2- The fragrance is amazing.My hair smells so nice. ( ummmmmmm)
#3- My hair feels fabulous after using this – soft,silky,frizz free,hydrated and no tangles.Its like a feather.
#4- It didn’t alter the texture of my hair.It didn’t add shine either.My hair was wavy and straight ones were straight.But it was really more manageable and less frizzy.Finally I found a good product to tame my unruly hair.
#5- The results and the fragrance were long lasting until the next hair wash.
#6- Makes my hair appear thicker and bouncy. ( NO !! I am not dreaming)
#7- Trust me when I say this, I experienced  little  No hairfall. (NO HAIRFALL/BREAKAGE I MEAN)


  • The shampoo does contain Sulfates and chemicals.The conditioner and leave on treatment doesn’t contain too many chemicals.If the shampoo is used alone it makes the hair dry.You have to use the shampoo + conditioner for good results.Not just Pantene every shampoo works that way.
  • If too much product is used,it makes your hair limp and causes product buildup.Make sure you use the right amount.If you experience product build up just follow this quick tip to set it right.Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar finally and dont wash it off.
  • Doesn’t make hair shiny.Use a serum for the glossy look.
Results & Swatch:

I used this shampoo and conditioner 3 times a week.I used the pantene Pro V leave on treatment – All day smooth miracle water which i purchased from Big Bazaar.The results were too good.
My hair condition really improved and the locks looked healthy.Split ends too reduced on regular use.Hair felt renewed from root to tip.
See for yourself:





Rating: 4.5/5


If you are a girl who experience those “bad hair days” then you must try this one.You will love it for sure.I recommend you to  try this if you have dry damaged hair which looks dull.Try this and your hair will thank you.

Will I repurchase? 

Yesssss…….Till the company stops manufacturing it ( eeeeeeee )

Final thoughts:

I wonder whether “Miracle” is one of the ingredients in this range.It might not be an extra ordinary product but it does what it claims tough I am not sure about the 10X protection.It made my hair soft and nourished.The price is an added advantage too.Why don’t you grab these pretty babies 🙂

Pantene never worked for me before as it gave me dry and rough ruly hair.This daily moisture range did work.

I can go on and on with this post coz I am so much in love with this Pantene range.Hope you enjoyed the results and pics.Sorry for the long post but I guess you will find it boring **edit ** interesting and useful.

To buy and for more details visit – http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pantene

Are you ready to take up this challenge? Let us know your thoughts if you have already tried it.
Disclaimer: The shampoo and the conditioner was sent by the brand for the #damagedtodamngood challenge. The opinions and feedback given in this post is 100% honest.These Products are 100% tried and tested by me and the results are based on my experience.

P.S: Everyone’s hair is different and the product may work according to the type.

Gear up as a contest is coming up soon.It’s time to repair your hair with new Pantene.
Bye Bye for now,